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Firman vs DuroMax Generators - How Do They Compare?

Firman vs DuroMax Generators - How Do They Compare?

One of the biggest decisions to make when deciding which generator to buy is the brand or manufacturer. Both Firman Power Equipment and Duromax are leading manufacturers who produce great generators. They have wide product ranges and overwhelmingly good customer reviews. 

So how do you weigh up Firman vs DuroMax for your generator purchase? We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for both brands, but this article will hopefully help you choose the best option for you.

However, there are some differences between the two brands that should help you choose. Duromax offers a much larger range of products. What that means for you is that Firman may not have the specific option you want, while Duromax will provide many more options.

Firman Power Equipment

The popular Firman T08071 generator

Firman produces a wide range of generators, but in terms of overall power output they do not have as many options on the higher end of the range as DuroMax. Their generators are designed and engineered in the US, but built overseas as this article explains.

The largest Firman generators are capable of 12,000 running watts. They do however have a lot of options offering 7,000 - 10,000 running watts of power, which is enough for the needs of most customers. Notable products in this range included the bestselling T08071 (tri fuel), the H08051 (dual fuel), and the P09201 (gas).

Firman does offer a lot more smaller generators than DuroMax as well. They have a wide range of models with 1,000 - 2,000 running watts of power. These are great low priced options which are great choices for powering smaller sensitive devices, and taking on camping trips. Many of Firman’s popular inverter range falls into this category.

The various product lines are also a little clearer and easier to understand from a shopper’s perspective, with the Hybrid Series lineup having either dual-fuel or tri-fuel technology. The blue models are tri-fuel, and the black ones are dual-fuel. 

The Firman Performance series is a line of standard gas generators which are available in a range of different sizes and options. Their most powerful generators with 12,000 running watts also fall into this category.

The Whisper Series is the quietest line of Firman generators, as all of the generators in this popular series are inverter models. They provide clean power which is great for sensitive electronics, and they're also a lot quieter than other generators as their name suggests. We wrote a short guide here about which Firman models are the quietest.

Finally, there is the Zero E series which is actually a line of portable power stations that store energy rather than relying on an engine to produce it. These are not the traditional generators we’re used to seeing from Firman. These are great for use indoors or in any situation where you cannot or don’t want to use a generator powered by some kind of fuel or gas. The Zero E is super quiet and of course has zero waste.

Currently DuroMax does not produce anything comparable to the Zero E - they do not have a line of portable power stations.

Overall the Firman generator range is a comprehensive one, with options for almost any budget and use case. It is also worth noting that Firman products are generally very well reviewed online. They have a trusted brand name which they’ve been building for decades.


DuroMax's tri fuel HXT model

Duromax generators are also designed in the United States and built overseas. Their product range is smaller than Firman’s but DuroMax still offer a wide variety of portable generators for most budgets and use cases. 

The most powerful DuroMax models provide up to 12,500 running watts compared to Firman’s 12,000, so not a significant difference.

However, Duromax’s product lines and naming conventions are a little more confusing and difficult to understand, with a number of product lines and features that crossover each group. For instance, they have: EH, DX, E, X, HX, and HXT product lineups that may each feature different extras such as dual fuel or remote start.

For simplicity, the IH series is DuroMax’s line of inverter generators. The HXT line is tri-fuel compatible and currently contains only one model - the XP13000HXT.

So if you’re looking for tri-fuel options then DuroMax only has this one model, while Firman has three at the time of writing. 

The DuroMax HX range is dual-fuel compatible. The E series designation is used for the larger Duromax generators, and EH is for the larger dual-fuel generators. On the opposite end, you have the S series, which are the smallest DuroMax generators available and have the least features, but of course they’re much cheaper and suitable for anyone on a budget. 

We would say though that the Firman product line has many more options for people looking for smaller budget generators, and particularly inverters.


If we’re looking objectively at DuroMax vs Firman generators to compare the product ranges, both share many similarities. The two companies are headquartered in the United States. Each also offer 3-year warranties, with telephone support 7 days a week. Build quality is also pretty similar between the two companies with each using steel frame construction and both brands are very well reviewed online. They’re both certainly considered to be market leaders with established and trusted brands. 

Firman and Duromax offer many comparably sized generators with mostly the same features. Additionally they each offer inverter style and dual fuel generators. The Firman product range is however considerably larger and offers more variety. In some cases if you’re comparing similar models and specifications then DuroMax will be slightly cheaper, though not always.

DuroMax vs Firman - Which is Best?

Both generator manufacturers offer excellent products and offer similar warranties and features on most generators. However, you should carefully look at the models that both companies have to offer to see if one stands out over the other. For instance, one may have a little bit higher output compared to its size and weight. While that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for everyone, it maybe for you. Similarly look at the connections to make sure that models have enough outlet and that they are compatible with what you plan to power.

We’d advise making your choice based on the specific models, their specs and features, and weighing those up against the cost instead of choosing a generator based on who the manufacturer is. This is because both brands are trusted, reliable, and have a great track record.

Lastly, if you're also considering a Champion generator - another great brand - then we compared Firman and Champion in this post. Feel free to check it out and always let us know if you have any questions about the best generator option for you and your situation.

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