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Firman T08071 vs T07571 - Comparing Popular Tri-Fuel Generators

Firman T08071 vs T07571 - Comparing Popular Tri-Fuel Generators

The T08071 and T07571 are both popular tri-fuel generator models from Firman Power Equipment which are well reviewed and known to offer long-lasting reliability. They are also two of the best-selling hybrid generators on the market for good reason. The tri-fuel capabilities allow you as the user to choose the best source for your circumstances - gasoline, propane, or natural gas -  and switch between them with ease.

Firstly, when taking a look at the Firman T08071 vs the T07571 you’ll notice that the two generators are very similar. They’re both designed and engineered in the US, and made to appeal to the same kind of customer. The main difference being the T08071 can generate slightly more power. Besides that, there aren’t too many other points of comparison. Even down to the engine and features, these two generators are almost the same, with the exception of power output.

Firman T08071

The Firman T08071 Tri Fuel Portable Generator

The Firman T08071 is a Tri-Fuel generator that can run on either gasoline, natural gas or propane. On gasoline, it is capable of 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts. On Propane, it delivers 9,050 starting watts and 7,250 running watts. Finally, on natural gas, it is capable of 6,900 starting watts and 5,500 running watts.

This is currently Firman’s bestselling tri-fuel model and we consider it their ‘flagship’ product. It is well reviewed and recommended by customers.

Firman T07571

The Firman T07571 Tri Fuel Portable Generator

The Firman T07571 is also a Tri-Fuel generator that can run on either gasoline, natural gas or propane. On gasoline, it is capable of 9,400 starting watts and 7,500 running watts. On Propane, it delivers 8,450 starting watts and 6,750 running watts. Finally, on natural gas, it is capable of 6,900 starting watts and 5,500 running watts.

This is one of Firman’s older tri-fuel options. But the small differences in power output really are the biggest changes between the two models, other than the fact they look a little different.

Similarities and Differences Between the T08071 and the T07571

Both the Firman T08071 and T07571 deliver a considerable amount of power using any of the three fueling options and can run a wide variety of appliances. They are also a good choice for those camping with larger RVs and contractors on job sites. However, as noted the newer T08071 has a slight power advantage, delivering about 500 extra watts. 

In terms of most people’s daily use of a portable generator, this sounds negligible and in most cases it is. It is about 5% more power which may make a difference for those who need every watt they can get. To put it in perspective, that is an additional refrigerator/freezer, or multiple fans, TVs, and even small appliances running.

Practically everything else about these two generators is identical, with the exception of power output. Both offer tri-fuel, so you can run them off of gasoline, propane, or natural gas. They are even the same size, using the exact same frame. The core features are also the same on each as they both include electric start and a wheel kit.

Here are a few Common Questions Asked About these Firman Generators

How loud are the T07571 and T08071 generators?

We wrote about noise levels on Firman models here, but both of these generators produce about 75 decibels of sound. This is comparable to other gas power equipment or slightly louder than a vacuum cleaner. If you need something a little quieter, you should check out the Whisper series, which is Firman’s line of inverter generators.

How many amps do these generators output?

The T07571 and T08071 both output a maximum of 50 amps, which is restricted by the main breaker. This can all be run through the 240V/50A outlet or a combination of different outlets.

How long will they run on gasoline?

Both the T07571 and T08071 have a runtime of 12 hours at 25% load. The two generators each have an 8-gallon fuel tank. Keep in mind that you will use more fuel depending on how much power is being used, meaning you will have to fill the generator more often.

Are these tri-fuel models any good?

In short, yes. These generators are some of Firman’s most popular models with customers. You’ll see that Firman products generally get very positive reviews, and these are no different. 

So again, you can see that these two models really are very similar in all areas!

You can also take a look at the T09275 which is another popular tri-fuel model released in 2022 which is getting great early feedback from customers, or check out the complete Firman range here.

What About Pricing? Which is Cheaper?

These two models are very similarly priced. Costs for each do vary slightly throughout the year based on different promotions being run via Firman and their authorized dealer such as us here at Epic Generators, but generally the pricing is the same for most models, most of the time. The biggest price difference you could expect to see throughout the year is around $50, but no more than that.

If you did want to try and save a little money but still get the benefits of a hybrid generator which can operate using more than one fuel source, then Firman does also manufacture an excellent range of dual fuel models. There is much more variety in the dual fuel range, in terms of both power outputs and pricing.

Which One Should You Buy

It is clear after comparing the Firman T07571 vs T08071 they will both serve you well, and the choice comes down to whether or not you need the extra power. In addition, consider any price differences between the two units at the time you plan to buy - as these can vary a little - and decide whether the price-to-power value is there. 

If you really need the extra power, then it will be worth going with the larger generator, but if you only need to power some smaller appliances, then the smaller one will likely suffice. To determine this, it is best to calculate your anticipated wattage demand and go slightly higher. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Firman generator.

Lastly, of course there are more than just these two popular models to choose from when picking tri fuel generator. We've put together this short tri fuel buying guide which will hopefully help you make a decision between a few bestsellers from trusted manufacturers.

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