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Our 5 best tri fuel generators

5 Best Tri Fuel Generators for 2023 - Buyer's Guide

If you're trying to choose the best tri fuel generator for your needs then you're in the right place. We created this guide to look at 5 of the most popular hybrid generators available in this category from several leading brands.

We'll use our own experience along with customer feedback and reviews to let you know what we really think. All 5 of these options are great generators, so feel free to choose one based on how much power you need and your budget.

We will however let you know our favorite model at the end of this guide. So let's jump straight into looking at these impressive generators.

Introducing Our 5 Best Tri Fuel Generator Options

Below are the 5 portable generator models we'll be looking at today.

They're all CARB compliant and EPA certified so they can be used in all 50 US states. They're great portable power options which can be used as entire home backup solutions during power outages and natural disasters, as well as more frequency daily use cases such as work on construction sites, farms, or for taking on outdoor adventures.

All 5 models can run on one of three different fuel sources at any one time - either gasoline, liquid propane gas (LPG), or natural gas.

Whichever model or manufacturer you choose, gasoline will always deliver the most power, followed by LPG, with natural gas being the least powerful fuel source but a great choice for when you need easy continuous power that's uninterrupted for longer periods of time.

You can click on any one of the generator names below to jump straight to the relevant section on this page, or just keep reading for the full guide.

We've listed some key specifications for each generator for a quick comparison, such as their power outputs with each of the three fuels, engine size, and gas tank size. Keep in mind that when using a propane tank it's up to you which size propane tank you choose. Natural gas of course comes from your home's gas supply, or the natural gas supply wherever you happen to be using the generator.

In each section we provide links to click through and read the full breakdown, description, and list of specifications for each tri fuel model.

Tri Fuel Generator Technology - A Very Quick Explainer

Let's take a quick few seconds to explain what exactly tri fuel generators are and how they different from other generator types.

A generator using tri fuel technology is very similar to a regular portable gas generator or a dual fuel generator. The only difference is that tri fuel models are able to operate using one of three different fuel types - rather than only working with one or two.

Tri fuel generators can use either gasoline, propane, or natural gas. They are designed in a way that allows you to select your fuel source by simply using a built in switch.

The models mentioned in this guide are also electric start generators which means they don't need to be started using a cord, as they have a built in electric starter switch.

If you need more information around the different fuel options read our post here: What is a Tri Fuel Generator and How Do They Work?

Now let's look at the first candidate!

The Firman T09275 Tri Fuel Portable Generator - 11400 Watt

Firman T09275 tri fuel generator

We're starting with the newest generator to hit the market from this list, the T09275 from Firman which they released in 2022.

We were excited to hear about this release as Firman Power Equipment have been a market leader in tri fuel technology for many years. They are one of the only major manufacturers to produce and sell multiple different tri fuel generators.

The Firman T09275 is one of the most powerful generators on this list, with up to 11,400 watts of power when running on gasoline. It is the most powerful option in Firman's range of tri fuel generators.

T09275 Tri Fuel Generator Key Specs

  • Gasoline: 11,400 starting watts /9200 running watts

  • Propane: 10,400 starting watts / 8300 running watts

  • Natural gas: 8650 starting watts / 6900 running watts

  • AC voltage: 120/240

  • Engine size: 459cc

  • Gas fuel tank size: 9 gallon

Price: $1349 (subject to change)

Overall this generator is a true powerhouse and well suited for almost any project you could need a portable generator for. The T09275 will be at home on any construction site, farm, or when being used as a whole house backup power generator thanks to the transfer switch - a perfect solution in any power outage.

Customer reviews for this model are positive, averaging at 4.5 stars. However, at the time of writing this guide there are not a huge amount of reviews available due to the fact this generator is so new on the market.

We feel this model is a great choice though for anyone needing a reliable and powerful tri fuel generator from one of the undisputed market leaders in this category. Firman have such a well trusted brand that we'd never hesitate to recommend their latest release.

See the full Firman T09275 generator specs product info, and latest pricing here.

The Champion 100416 Tri Fuel - 8000 Watt

Champion 100416 tri fuel generator

Champion Power Equipment currently only sell one model in this hybrid category - the 100416.

Despite this we do feel that Champion's first tri fuel generator is absolutely worthy of a place on this list. It offers great performance and value for money, is very well reviewed, and of course has the trusted Champion brand name.

100416 Tri Fuel Generator Key Specs

  • Gasoline: 10,000 starting watts / 8000 running watts

  • Propane: 9000 starting watts / 7200 running watts

  • Natural gas: 8750 starting watts / 7000 running watts

  • AC voltage: 120/240

  • Engine size: 459cc

  • Gas fuel tank size: 8.5 gallon

Price: $1249 (subject to change)

The Champion 100416 tri fuel portable generator is an excellent mid-market choice in terms of power and performance. The output it offers will be more than suitable for most use cases with up to 10,000 starting watts and 8000 running power using gasoline.

We view this model as a solid, reliable choice. This particular generator is extremely widely reviewed by customers and has been one of the bestselling tri fuel generators available anywhere for quite some time. Reviews average 4.5 stars for this particular model.

It's hard to go wrong choosing the 100416 from Champion if you're looking for a proven tri fuel option with all the safety features you'd expect in a bestseller from a trusted and well respected manufacturer.

See the full Champion tri fuel generator 100416 specs product info, and latest pricing here.

The Firman T08071 Tri Fuel - 8000 Watt

Firman T08071 tri fuel generator

This is one of Firman Power Equipment's best known generators and remains one of their all-time top sellers.

Many people consider the Firman T08071 to be the go-to tri fuel generator model on the market. And we can see why! The customer reviews and feedback really do speak for themselves on this one.

T08071 Tri Fuel Generator Key Specs

  • Gasoline: 10,000 starting watts / 8000 running watts

  • Propane: 9050 starting watts / 7250 running watts

  • Natural gas: 6990 starting watts / 5500 running watts

  • AC voltage: 120/240

  • Engine size: 439cc

  • Gas fuel tank size: 8.5 gallon

Price: $ 1195 (subject to change)

Firman's T08071 tri fuel generator offers excellent value for money overall and is a standout performer in the mid-range of the tri fuel market. Reviews from verified customers are overwhelmingly positive for this model and it is no surprise to see this being the Firman overall bestseller at most periods during the year.

Whether you're looking for a reliable backup power solution for your home, a generator for camping or tailgating, or something you can rely on to get the job done on a construction site then the T08071 is likely to be a great choice.

This model is often our go-to tri fuel generator recommendation as it has such a great track record, is well priced, and of course backed by the prestigious Firman brand name.

See the full Firman T08071 tri fuel generator specs product info, and latest pricing here.

The DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri Fuel - 13000 Watt

DuroMax XP13000HXT tri fuel generator

DuroMax are a widely respected power equipment manufacturer. They're mostly known for their single fuel generators powered by gasoline, along with a wide range of dual fuel generators which can also run on propane, but not natural gas.

DuroMax do manufacture one tri fuel generator model which is natural gas ready though - the 13000HXT.

It might be their only tri fuel product, but it really is a beast!

With up to 13,000 watts of peak power this impressive unit absolutely deserves a place on our list of the top tri fuel generators. The XP13000HXT is the biggest and most powerful generator we're covering in this guide, and as expected the most expensive.

XP13000HXT Tri Fuel Generator Key Specs

  • Gasoline: 13,000 starting watts / 10,500 running watts

  • Propane: 12,000 starting watts / 9500 running watts

  • Natural gas: 10,000 starting watts / 8500 running watts

  • AC voltage: 120/240

  • Engine size: 500cc

  • Gas fuel tank size: 8.3 gallon

Price: $ 2499 (subject to change)

As mentioned this DuroMax tri fuel generator is by far the most powerful option on this list. The reviews from verified customers are fantastic and the generator is undoubtedly capable of dealing with almost anything you could want to use a portable generator for. It makes a great home backup power outage choice and will handle most tasks on the average construction or job site with ease.

It is of course up to you to determine whether you're likely to need this level of power though as it is almost $1200 more expensive than the most powerful Firman model which is its closest competitor on this page in terms of power output.

If you do need maximum power then the XP13000 HTX is an excellent choice at the top end of the tri fuel generator market.

See the full DuroMax XP13000HXT generator specs, product info, and latest pricing here.


The Firman T07571 Tri Fuel - 7500 Watt

Firman T07571 tri fuel generator

The T07571 is another one of the bestselling tri fuel generators on the market from Firman. This model has been around for a long time and has consistently been a market leader which receives excellent customer reviews.

Similarly to all of the generators in this list it would make a great choice for home backup during a power outage, as well as construction work, farm work, or off-grid adventures.

This is also one of the more competitively priced portable generators in the category considering its continuous power output.

T07571 Tri Fuel Generator Key Specs

  • Gasoline: 9400 starting watts / 7500 running watts

  • Propane: 8450 starting watts / 6750 running watts

  • Natural gas: 6900 starting watts / 5500 running watts

  • AC voltage: 120/240

  • Engine size: 439cc

  • Gas fuel tank size: 8 gallon

Price: $ 1199 (subject to change)

Overall the Firman T07571 tri fuel generator is a solid option that's been on the market for a long time and is very well reviewed. It's a great fuel efficient option which will take care of most needs if you don't require more power as offered by the higher priced models on this page.


The Winning Generator

Taking into account a balance of power outputs, price, and customer reviews, we're giving the #1 spot to Firman's T08071 tri fuel generator. It's a fantastic unit and has been their bestseller for quite some time - not just in their tri fuel range, but their top selling portable generator overall.

Unless you need significantly more power for a specific purpose then the T08071 is a perfect choice in our opinion. However, as we said at the beginning of this guide all of the tri fuel generators we've included today are fantastic machines. It is tough to pick a fault with any of them.

We're big fans of Firman here at Epic Generators though hand happy to give their flagship model the top spot in this list.

You also might want to check out our complete tri fuel generator collection here.

Choosing Between Tri Fuel and Dual Fuel Generators - Do You Need Natural Gas As a Fuel Source?

One last thing to consider is that if you want the benefits of hybrid generators and the ability to choose your fuel type you can absolutely consider a dual fuel generator. These are great alternatives if you'd like to save a little money and have a lot more options to choose from.

You'll find that dual fuel generators are much more common with many of the manufacturers we've mentioned today producing at least 5 different models in that category - often 10 or more.

Of course the one caveat is that a dual fuel generator will not able to use natural gas to power it. So you won't be able to connect it to your home's natural gas supply.

Depending on your likely use cases this may or may not be a big deal. Try to think about your access to both gasoline and propane, their storage considerations, and the likelihood of you needed to hook up your generator to a natural gas supply for long periods of time.

You can see our dual fuel generator collection here.

A Note On Tri Fuel Conversion Kits For Generators

When researching tri fuel portable generators you'll likely see conversion kits mentioned quite often. A conversion kit is essentially a way to modify your generator (gas or dual fuel) so that it can accommodate additional fuel sources. A conversion kit will give you the option of adding either propane or natural gas as a fuel source - or both.

We're not going to cover this process in detail here in this guide as it is considered to be something for more advanced users who are also experienced in generator maintenance and have a good understanding of the underlying workings of these machines.

Additionally, in most cases you'll find that adding a tri fuel kit or using any kind of conversion kits will void the original generator warranty from the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few other tri fuel generator questions you might still need answers to.

What is the most powerful tri fuel portable generator?

The DuroMax XP13000HXT is the most powerful tri fuel portable generator available. DuroMax claim it is the biggest commercially available out of the box model which anyone can buy.

It has a 13,000 peak wattage and a 10,500 running wattage using gasoline. Propane is 12,000/9500. Natural gas is 10,000/8500.

What is the quietest tri fuel generator?

Generators in this category are not known for their low noise levels. The models we've looked at in this guide are all extremely similar in terms of noise. Each of them list the decibel level as 74db. This will be roughly equivalent to the sounds of the average vacuum cleaner when you're standing around 20 feet away.

These generators are fairly heavy duty compared to many models on the market and need enough power to support a whole home. Extra power of course means extra noise.


Want to learn more about choosing the best generator for you from the hundreds of models available? We created an in-depth buyer's guide which should make the decision making process much easier.

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