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Who makes Firman generators and where are they made?

Who makes Firman generators and where are they made?

In this guide we'll tell you everything you need to know about the FIRMAN manufacturing process, including where they're made and who actually makes them.

Important FIRMAN Company Information

FIRMAN generators are made by FIRMAN Power Equipment. FIRMAN Power Equipment is a division of SUMEC group. SUMEC Group, in turn, is a part of SINOMACH (China National Machinery Industry Corporation), a Fortune 500 enterprise based in China.

Firman logo

Manufacturing and Quality Control

All FIRMAN portable generators are engineered in the US but they are manufactured in Nanjing, China. In terms of quality control, FIRMAN test each of their products for 500 hours in order to improve upon the design before mass production.

FIRMAN also test their generators to ensure they will operate at varying altitudes and under multiple, differing weather conditions.

Notable Achievements

For six consecutive years, FIRMAN had the highest amount of portable gasoline generators exported from China. FIRMAN also existed before 2001 making generators for private brands however now, as FIRMAN Power Equipment, they now sell their generators to the public.

There are many different generator types that FIRMAN offers, which one would be best for you depends on your needs. It's also worth noting that the Firman generator reviews available online are very positive overall.

Now that we've discussed who makes Firman generators and where, let's take a brief look at the different models.

An overview of the FIRMAN range

FIRMAN has 4 different Series of generators and we stock all of them here at

Every Firman generator falls within these 4 series: Zero E, Hybrid Series, Performance Series, and Whisper Series; each of which focuses on a certain aspect of generator design.

Each of the Series generators are also a specific color to make them easily identifiable.

Zero-E Series

The Firman Zero-E is their first gasless generator and entry into the growing portable power station market. This unit has zero emissions and is carbon-monoxide free.

It provides a backup power supply in case of emergency power being needed. These models are generally black in color and more angular than the rest of FIRMAN products, with a more modern design.

FIRMAN also sells power packs with the Zero-E Series which boost the amount of power it is able to receive and output.

Firman Zero E model

Safety warning

Gas generators should never be used inside enclosed spaces because carbon monoxide can accumulate quite quickly and also remain a few hours after the generator has been stopped.

The Zero-E Series can however be used indoors because it is a gasless generator with no emissions.

Performance series & Whisper series

The Firman Performance Series are the best generators for producing electricity, exclusively focusing on bringing out more wattage for projects of a larger size. The Performance Series products are yellow.

Gasoline generators producing a lot of noise is quite common, the Whisper Series is a collection of quieter generators which addresses this problem quite well as you'd probably guess from the name. There are now also electric battery powered options available from Firman as well which are better for indoor use.

We recently wrote a helpful article talking about Firman noise levels for different models here.

Hybrid Series

The Firman's Hybrid Series generators are more versatile for any projects that may not be specifically covered by the others. They're generally blue.

FIRMAN Sub-Series

FIRMAN generators also have 5 sub-series in mind. These being home projects, power supply during a power blackout, work, camping, or tailgating.

Most FIRMAN generators made actually cover a few of these sub-series, meaning they can be used in multiple different settings depending on the buyer's needs.

Types of Generator Made by Firman

FIRMAN generators are typically either an inverter or a gas portable generator.

Portable and Inverter Generators

The main difference between them is that the Firman inverter generator models will adjust their power output in real-time as demand increases or decreases. A portable generator will run at the same output no matter the circumstance. Inverter technology is actually more fuel-efficient, produces less noise, and in some cases, outputs more power, however, this does mean that they are more costly than the regular portable generator units.

For example, the Firman w03083 is a Whisper Series inverter generator model specifically designed for camping and home projects. Because this FIRMAN generator model is a part of the Whisper Series, it runs quieter than a normal model and comes in black. Since it's an inverter model, it can be run parallel to another inverter model for more power (more on that later).

It's been designed for both camping and home projects in mind, meaning that, depending on the buyer's needs, it should be able to accommodate either or both of those situations, making it quite a convenient generator. Many other FIRMAN generators also have multiple usages.

The Zero-E FIRMAN generator models are FIRMAN's first battery-operated, rechargeable generator. The Zero-E Series offers the same service as any other FIRMAN generator unit however it can be charged at almost any port.

Inverter vs Portable

As was stated in the previous section, inverter generators control engine RPM instead of running at full-tilt all the time. This drastically improves fuel consumption.

An inverter model is similar to conventional generators because they generate AC power however, it is then transformed to DC power before being transformed back to AC. This provides a smoother, more constant flow of power and a clean power output.

The conversion of AC to DC, along with controlling the engine RPM enables the generator to be more fuel-efficient, as well as perform more quietly than regular models. Every FIRMAN inverter model that they make is parallel compatible meaning that you can connect one FIRMAN inverter generator together to another for more power.

Maintenance Requirements

Inverters are seen as the more reliable, seeing as how they do not require the maintenance that their other generators do.

Typically, your regular gas generator is going to require maintenance in the form of oil changes, distilled water changes. You are also required to make sure the tank is empty after every use and that the generator is clean.

Inverter technology completely negates the need for any form of maintenance.

FIRMAN Generator Transportability

A vast majority of Firman generators made are portable units. Even generator models that are not explicitly stated to be portable still have wheels and handles for ease of transportation.

Generator Starts

Firman generators come with three different starts; recoil, electric, or remote.

Recoil Start

A recoil start is the typical generator start conjured to mind. It is also the most physically demanding, requiring the user to pull the rope's grip until the generator starts.

Electric Start

The electric start only requires the user to flip a switch that can be found on the generator and it can be turned off the same way.

Remote Start

Remote start is the easiest start only requiring a push of a button on a hand-held remote. One customer says that they were able to start their generator from inside their trailer and sources state that the remote start generator works from up to 186 feet away.

A FIRMAN portable generator could come with any or all three starts, it really depends on the model that is bought.

FIRMAN generators fuel sources

Typically, most of the FIRMAN products made are gas portable generators, meaning that the generator runs on gas. In fact, any given FIRMAN generator unit is able to operate with gas, however there are a few generators that are dual fuel or even tri fuel such as the bestselling T08071 tri fuel generator, meaning they can use two or three different fuel sources, respectively. These three fuel sources are gas, natural gas (NG), or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

Every generator in the Hybrid Series is either a dual fuel generator or a tri fuel generator.

Typically, every generator in the Whisper Series is a gas portable generator and the same goes for the Performance Series.

firman T08071

The Firman tri-fuel generators along with the Firman dual-fuel collection are some of the company's bestselling models.

Zero-E Battery Operated

As mentioned before, the Zero-E Series differs from other FIRMAN generators in that it is not operated by a fuel tank but, instead, is actually battery-operated and it can be charged at almost any port.

The lack of fuel usage makes this series one of the more eco-friendly generators that FIRMAN produces. Almost all FIRMAN generators made are a portable generator with a fuel tank utilizing natural gas or propane fuel as a power supply. 

FIRMAN generator prices

Generally, the pricing for FIRMAN generators depends on the amount of wattage as well as whether or not they are dual fuel or tri fuel. The cheapest generators offered are $369.99 with a starting wattage of 1500 and a running wattage of 1200. The more expensive generators are the high voltage generator sets which can cost as much as $2,899.99. The starting wattage of one of the 15,000 and running wattage of 12,000.

For example, the FIRMAN w03083 is a Whisper Series inverter model at 3300W specifically designed for camping and home projects which costs $1,199.99. Meaning that depending on which model is purchased, it could potentially be used for multiple different purposes.


Even if you don't know what generator you should buy because you don't know the wattage of your appliances, FIRMAN has a chart on their website detailing how much wattage, both running and starting, certain appliances require. 

FIRMAN Warranty Procedures

New FIRMAN generators are covered by a 3 year warranty while refurbished generators have a limited 90-day warranty.

Voided Warranties

However, it should be noted that certain tampering with your FIRMAN generator will void the warranty.

This includes converting your generator to run on gas or propane, adding a remote start to your generator, installing exhaust extensions, and installing an extended run fuel tank or fuel cap (FIRMAN says this is dangerous because it makes your generator prone to leaks and fires).

You can also find any specific FIRMAN generator manual online on their site.

Safety Precautions

Just as a warning, there are certain things that should be kept in mind if you do buy a generator.

Enclosed Spaces

Generators should never be run inside enclosed spaces or close to a doorway or open window. This is because the exhaust from the generator is very harmful, and in large quantities, can be deadly.

Generators are allowed to be stored indoors when they are not running as it is only the exhaust fumes that are dangerous.

The only exception to this rule is the Zero-E Series because it is a gasless generator. No exhaust means no carbon emissions so it is able to be run indoors without posing a risk to your health.

Rain and Moisture

Portable generators are not meant to be used in the rain. If any type of moisture were to get inside the outlet or engine, there is a risk of electrocution or explosion.

They should always be kept dry and should never be operated or left in the rain uncovered. FIRMAN Power Equipment does sell covers for their generators.


If your Firman generator is a gas model, you should be aware that maintenance is a big part in keeping your product alive and healthy.

You should keep the generator clean and empty if it is not in use. You will almost always want to have extra fuel on standby, and a routine checking and cleaning of the oil filter.

Both inverter and gas generators should be run monthly simply to ensure that they are still in working condition.

Conclusion: Are FIRMAN generators good?


FIRMAN is known to product reliable generators, giving their buyers multiple options.

Their biggest selling point would be that a fair number of their generators have multiple different usages and the range of depth and choice between their generators means that a buyer would only need to buy one or two to fulfill their needs.

Any portable generator bought from FIRMAN, while pricier than other retailers, also has a 3-year warranty, guaranteeing replacement of the mechanical and electrical components.

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