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Firman vs Champion Generators - Comparing Two Leading Brands

Firman vs Champion Generators - Comparing Two Leading Brands

Firman and Champion generators are both great options for a wide range of uses. However, there are some considerations that may make you want to choose one over the other. Both offer similar warranties, the generators deliver similar performance, and both are considered to be trusted brands who are leaders in the market with generally positive customer reviews. In fact, most of the differences come down to the individual models.

Firman vs Champion: How to Choose a Generator From These Leading Brands

The best place to start when comparing Firman vs Champion generators is by determining what you actually need in a generator, and how much you’re willing to spend. Your use case and individual needs will help you decide which specific model is likely to be the best choice. This is a much better way to decide which generator to buy than just simply comparing brands and trying to determine which one of them is better than the other as an overall manufacturer.

As mentioned, both offer companies are pretty evenly matched, well trusted, and have long successful track records manufacturing quality generators. So just look at the different models and price points available from both brands and choose the model you think is best for you and your budget.

Firman Power Equipment Generators

Firman's new T09275 tri fuel generator

The Firman range of generators are designed and engineered in the USA but built overseas. They’ve been in business for decades and you can expect exceptional quality when buying any generator from Firman. According to reviews they’re well known to be durable, reliable, and powerful. 

Firman are well known for their wide product range which caters to pretty much any use case and budget, from well priced inverter generators through to high performance dual fuel and tri fuel models.

Firman’s overall product range is a little different than Champion’s. The main consideration is that Firman does not offer as many higher power generators as Champion does. Firman does however have a wider product offering on the lower end of the power scale with options in the 1,000 to 2,000 watt range - these are the inverter models which are quiet and efficient.

Some of the most popular generators manufactured by Firman are from their Hybrid Series, which contains their dual and tri-fuel models. Firman are well known for these technologies which give users a choice of two or three different fuel sources - gasoline, propane, or natural gas. 

Their flagship tri-fuel generators are the T08071 which you can find here, the T07571 here, and the T09275 here. We compared the two most popular Firman tri-fuel options here. Hint - there is very little difference.

Some of the more popular dual fuel models include the H07553 here, the H08051 here, and the WH03042 here.

One final note on Firman - they do offer a model called the Firman Zero E which is actually a battery powered portable power station, rather than a traditional generator like the rest of their range.

Champion Power Equipment Generators

Champion's popular tri fuel generator

Champion also makes excellent generators and have been doing so for many years. They are also designed in the USA and built abroad. They do have some larger offerings which go up to 12,000 running watts, and so are a popular choice with anyone looking for larger amounts of power. Additionally, Champion makes a wide range of other outdoor power equipment, so you may already have some experience with their products. Firman is however solely focused on the generator market.

Champion recently also made a small move into the portable power station market with the launch of two Litium Ion batter powered models. These have zero emissions and of course require no fuel. These models are the Champion 100593 and the 100594 power station.

The most notable distinction is that Champion also has a line of home standby generators which include a transfer switch to power your whole home. These will not be a good choice for everybody since they are not portable and are designed specifically for home backup.

Firman currently does not manufacture anything that is comparable to Champions home standby range - they’re a portable generator brand only.

Champion vs Firman: Similarities in Their Generators

When comparing Champion vs Firman generators you’ll see they both share many similarities. 

Their generator offerings are both excellent and each back their products with a three-year warranty. Similarly, they offer telephone support seven days a week and both brands are both widely serviced by maintenance and repair companies should you need any work done on your generator after purchase. The engines used by both companies are standard motors as neither company uses anything proprietary in them. Most of the generator sizes also overlap, so you can get roughly the same size unit, with the exception of some largest and smallest units. 

Both companies also offer inverter-style generators, which are an excellent choice if you need something that is highly portable, quiet, and suitable for use with sensitive electronics which are easily damaged and therefore require a ‘clean’ power source.

Firman vs Champion Tri-Fuel and Dual-Fuel Generator Ranges

Each brand offers a wide range of models with dual fuel capabilities, both ranges are very well reviewed and represent some of the most popular generators for both Firman and Champion.

Firman has a very popular tri-fuel range which are also some of their bestsellers. Champion has the tri fuel 100416 which is their only model using tri fuel technology.

If you’re wondering which tri-fuel generator is better, Champion or Firman, it is difficult to say because both brands really do have excellent reviews for their tri-fuel technology, but Firman does of course have a lot more options. You can’t really go wrong with either brand in this category.

So Which is the Best Choice?

Both manufacturers are well-matched so you shouldn’t have any concerns with purchasing either a Firman or a Champion generator. We cannot say that any one brand is objectively ‘better’ than the other overall. The fact is they’re both reputable, trusted, and have long histories of manufacturing great products.

Instead, consider what each model from the two brands has to offer and decide which is right for you. We wouldn’t advise putting too much emphasis on which manufacturer you ultimately select, because as mentioned they’re both great. If you need a larger generator (10,000+ watts), then you’ll find that Champion offers a wider selection, though Firman also has options in this range. However, if you need a smaller generator or are looking for an inverter specifically then Firman has more choices available. Lastly, Firman is considered to be the go-to manufacturer for tri-fuel options if that’s something you’re looking for. Both are great dual-fuel choices.

One last consideration is to look at the ports that each generator has. Once you’ve chosen a size, be sure to check what power outputs the generators have. While both will undoubtedly have 120V outlets, you should see how many and what alternative ports are available, especially if you plan to plug your home or camper directly into the generator. In reality though both brands are also very similar in this area. 

Whether you choose a Firman or a Champion generator, you are sure to be pleased in our opinion and experience. Lastly, if you're also currently comparing Firman and DuroMax you can see our guide here.

If you have any questions about choosing the best model for your needs then always feel free to reach out to our team who will be happy to help.

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