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10 Best Portable Generators for Camping in 2022 - Small & Quiet

10 Best Portable Generators for Camping in 2022 - Small & Quiet

Want to take your camping adventures to the next level? If so, you need a portable generator on your side, for sure.

Today we're covering some of the best portable camping generators that will allow you to enjoy all the creature comforts of home while out in the wild.

When it comes to generator quality, they’re not all made equal, of course. So, you have to choose carefully to find a portable generator with all the features you want most.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help with this guide on the best small and lightweight generators for the camping world.

One thing to keep in mind when taking a generator on camping trips is if the state you're in or visiting follows the CARB regulations around emissions. If if does then you'll need to choose an approved generator model.

These regulations were introduced by California to reduce air pollution, but over a dozen US states have now implemented CARB regulations which do affect generators. We wrote an article about that here.

Top Quiet Portable Generators for Camping

Running your generator doesn’t have to be a loud, raucous affair. Quiet generators do exist! Generally you'll want to choose inverter generators for the quietest operation.

There are models out there made to run quietly and avoid disrupting the sounds of the great outdoors, such as:

Honda EU3000IS Portable Generator

  • 50 decibels

  • 2,800/3,000 watts

  • 3.4-gallon gasoline tank with 20-hour runtime

  • Ability to run parallel with another unit

  • 3 120V AC outlets

  • 130-pound dry weight

This is a popular quiet camping generator that produces long lasting and reliable power.

No matter what you throw at it, the Honda EU3000IS never makes a fuss. In fact, as the quietest generator, this model keeps noise levels in the 50-decibel range throughout its 20-hour runtime without compromising on build quality, making it a great generator for camping.

With its 196cc GX200 OHV 4-stroke powerplant, this inverter generator consistently produces 2,800 watts with a peak output of 3,000 watts. Need more power? Just run two units parallel to boost your output significantly.

Even while running on its own, these camping generators are able to run 13,500 BTU AC units, furnaces, fridges, and even a space heater in your RV. You will need to get a TT-30R adapter (TT = travel trailer) for the L5-30P receptacle to make the unit RV ready. Inverter generators like this offer stable power and can be a great choice if you need to run sensitive electronics as well, including laptop computers.

You have three 120V AC outlets to work with, making it easy to get all your devices up and running. Definitely add this to your best camping generator shortlist.

Westinghouse iGen4500c Portable Generator

  • 53 decibels

  • 3,700/4,500 watts

  • 3.4-gallon gasoline tank with 18-hour runtime

  • 3 120V AC outlets

  • Additional DC, USB, and TT-30R outlets

  • 104-pound dry weight

With a noise level of just 53 decibels, the Westinghouse iGen4500c is another quiet generator to consider for your camping trips. The low noise output is surprising, too, because this inverter generator has a monster 224cc motor.

The large powerplant allows the unit to produce 3,700 running watts and have a peak wattage of 4,500. If you’d like even more power, you can even run this unit parallel with another. Despite its high output, the 3.4-gallon fuel tank allows for up to 18 hours of runtime.

This portable inverter generator's design makes it a great choice for sensitive electronics, large equipment, and appliances, like air conditioners, furnaces, and fridges.

You can connect most devices to the three AC outlets, two DC outlets, and two 5V USBs. The TT-30R receptacle makes the generator RV ready, too, without the need to buy an adapter. It's a solid choice for anyone in the market for a portable camping generator.

FIRMAN W03083 Portable Generator

  • 58 decibels

  • 3,000/3,300 watts

  • 1.8-gallon gasoline tank with 10-hour runtime

  • 3 120V AC power outlets

  • Additional DC, USB, 12V 8A, and TT-30R outlets

  • 90-pound dry weight

When it comes to the FIRMAN W03083, the name says it all. Made as a part of the Whisper Series line, this portable inverter generator has the power to run all your electronics without making a huge racket. The Max Pro Series 171cc engine produces 3,000 running watts with a peak of 3,300 watts. With its Phoenix Fat Head block, the motor stays cool while running at peak efficiency always. The quiet operation comes down to the Whisper Series muffler, however, which keeps noise levels at just 58 decibels.

Upon pushing the button on the remote start key fob, the engine on this lightweight generator will start up and keep running for up to 10 hours on a single 1.8-gallon tank of gasoline. During that time, you can plug your coffee maker, space heaters, electronics, and more into its three AC outlets, two DC outlets, and a 5V USB. Want to charge your batteries? Use the 12V 8A receptacle instead. Plus, it’s RV-ready with its TT-30R receptacle.

Another fantastic choice from Firman Power Equipment is the W03383 inverter. This is one of the most popular in Firman's Whisper Series - a collection of quiet inverters offering clean power. They're great for camping trips!

See the full Firman inverter generator range here.

Best Portable Gas Generators for Camping

Portable diesel generators for camping are few and far between, especially when looking for an affordable model. But you can easily get by with any of these top-notch portable gas camping generators instead.

Yamaha EF2200IS Portable Gas Powered Generator

  • 1,600/2,000 watts

  • Smart throttle equipped

  • Capable of parallel operation

  • 1.24-gallon gasoline tank with 10.5-hour runtime

  • 3 120V AC outlets

  • Additional DC, 12V 3A, and TT-30R outlets

When you need a small generator with a whole lot of heart, set your sights on the Yamaha EF 2000iSv2. A compact design, extremely quiet operation, excellent fuel efficiency, and moderate power output make it a top option in the camping world. The 79cc MZ80 OHV 4-stroke engine produces a running wattage of 1,800, although peak power reaches 2,200 watts on demand. If you want even more power, just use a Twin Tech cable to run two units in parallel.

While using this portable generator, you’ll enjoy a 10.5-hour runtime on a single 1.24-gallon tank of gasoline. The Smart Throttle feature helps preserve fuel by using load-sensing technology to adjust the engine speed to the overall load. Three 120V AC outlets and a single DC outlet let you run all your large equipment, electronics, and more with ease. If you need to charge batteries, you can use the 12V 3A outlet. A TT-30R receptacle makes this 55-pound, lightweight generator ready to accompany you on all your RV adventures.

Generac 7127 iQ3500 Portable Gas Powered Generator

  • 3,000/3,500 watts

  • Dual engine speeds

  • Parallel capable

  • 2.6-gallon gasoline tank with 14-hour runtime

  • 3 120V AC outlets

  • Additional DC, 5V USB, and L5-30P outlets

Built using the inverter generator design, the Generac 7127 iQ3500 offers ample power on the go in a durable package. Its Electric Start, PowerDial, and other high-tech features make it simple to use, too. At its heart, the 109-pound portable inverter generator's design uses a 212cc OHV 4-stroke powerplant. The engine's unique build manages to provide power at a rate of 3,000 watts on a consistent basis with a peak output of 3,500 watts. Since it is parallel capable, extra power is yours by simply hooking it up to a similar unit with the Generac 7668 parallel kit.

You’ll need just 2.6 gallons of gasoline to fill up the tank, which will give you a runtime of up to 14 hours. To conserve fuel with its economy mode feature, select between the two engine speeds to best match its output to your power needs. All your laptop computers, tablets, and other electronics can safely hook up to the three AC outlets. You also have two DC outlets at your disposal plus two 5V USB ports. If you want to make this small generator RV ready, you’ll need a TT-30R adapter to plug into its L5-30P receptacle. Overall this is a great portable generator for camping trips.

Briggs & Stratton P4500 Gas Powered Generator

  • 3,700/4,500 watts

  • Load-sensing technology

  • InfoHub equipped

  • 3.5-gallon gasoline tank with 16-hour runtime

  • 5 120V AC outlets

  • Additional DC, 5V USB, and TT-30R outlets

When you want ample power, a long runtime, and more than enough outlets for all your fellow campers, think about going with the Briggs & Stratton P4500. Electric, remote, and pull cord start mechanisms streamline its operation, too, ensuring you can quickly get set up while on the go. A 224cc OHV 4-stroke engine produces a consistent 3,700 watts while peak wattage hits at 4,500 as needed.

Built for eco mode, the Quiet Power Technology feature automatically adjusts the power output to match load levels when switched to the on position. You can decide to make it more fuel efficient and extend runtime hours by simply checking the InfoHub digital data center on the control panel. With five 120V AC outlets at your fingertips, you might be tempted to run it at full throttle more often than not, however. You can also hook up to the two DC outlets and two 5V USB ports. With its TT-30R receptacle included, you’re always ready to enjoy the RV lifestyle with this 104-pound portable generator in tow.

FIRMAN P03618 Portable Generator

  • 3,650/4,550 watts

  • Remote start functionality

  • Eye-catching paint job

  • 5-gallon gasoline tank with 14-hour runtime

  • 4 120V AC outlets

  • Additional TT-30R receptacle

When you want a gasoline generator with a little bit of pizzazz, you cannot go wrong with the FIRMAN P03618. Emblazoned with stars and stripes forever, this powerful portable generator keeps the power flowing your way while always looking its best. To get this single tank model going, all you have to do is click the button on the key fob and the remote start kicks into action.

With that move, the 208cc Max-Pro Series OHV 4-stroke engine gets busy producing 3,650 watts and has a peak wattage of 4,550. The high power output gobbles down the gas, but its five-gallon tank can last 14 hours at half load. The large engine brings the unit’s dry weight up to 119 pounds, too, although the wheels and folding handle keep it maneuverable. The TT-30R receptacle allows you to easily hook up to your RV and run your AC, furnace, and fridge without a problem. You have four 120V AC outlets ready to go, but it’s best to skip running the sensitive electronics off this model.

Excellent Dual Fuel Portable Generators for Camping

If you want true flexibility from your small portable generators for camping, then dual fuel models are the way to go. The following models let you enjoy the best of the best when it comes to portable propane generators for camping while still being able to use gasoline on demand.

FIRMAN WH02942 Dual Fuel Generator

  • 2,900/3,200 watts on gasoline

  • 1.8-gallon gas tank with 10-hour runtime

  • 2,600/2,900 watts using propane

  • 19-hour runtime on 20-pound propane tank

  • 3 120V AC outlets plus DC, 12V 8A, and TT-30R

  • Capable of parallel operation

The FIRMAN WH02942 gives you true fuel flexibility while ensuring you always have all the power you need while camping. The 171cc Max Pro Series engine runs on either gasoline or propane as needed for the ultimate camping experience. When running on gasoline, the engine produces 2,900 watts with a peak wattage of 3,200. On propane, the output reduces slightly to 2,600 watts while running and a peak of 2,900 watts. For even more power, you can use the parallel kit to run another portable generator in tandem. Either way, you can expect to get anywhere from 10 to 19 hours of runtime.

Firing up this 90-pound generator is a cinch thanks to its electric start, although the pull start mechanism still exists whenever you need it. Upon starting up, you can run all your electronics and other equipment using its many excellent outlets. You have three 120V AC outlets to start plus two DC outlets, one 5V USB port, and a 12V 8A receptacle. With its TT-30R receptacle, this unit works great for full time RVers.

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • 3,800/4,750 watts using gasoline

  • 3.5-gallon gas tank with 9-hour runtime

  • 3,420/4,275 watts on propane

  • 10.5-hour runtime with a 20-pound propane tank

  • 4 AC outlets plus a TT-30R receptacle

  • Electric starter system

The Champion Power Equipment 76533 gives you all the power you could need while enjoying the camping world to the fullest. A dual-fuel marvel, this powerful generator uses a 224cc engine equipped with an electric starter and Intelligauge meter. While using gasoline as your fuel of choice, you’ll enjoy a consistent output of 3,800 watts and a peak wattage of 4,750. A switch to propane slightly decreases output to a running wattage of 3,420 and a peak of 4,275 watts.

The generator fires up easily thanks to its electric starter system. Upon doing that, you can get a gasoline runtime of about nine hours while operating the generator at 50% load. For a bit longer runtime of 10.5 hours, hook up a 20-pound propane tank instead. Whether you choose gas or propane, four 120V AC outlets allow you to hook up all your equipment at once. These 122-pound Champion generators work best for large equipment and appliances, like a fridge, furnace, and solar panel, rather than sensitive electronic devices, however. All along the way, the Intelligauge meter will let you see its voltage, lifetime hours, and more with just a quick glance.

We also have a wide range of duel fuel generators here, many of which make excellent choices for camping trips. Be sure to check out the selection of Firman dual fuel models as they get great feedback from customers.

WEN DF475X Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • 3,800/4,750 watts on gasoline

  • Four-gallon gas tank with an 11-hour runtime

  • 3,500/4,350 watts on propane

  • 7-hour runtime using a 20-pound propane tank

  • 120V/240V output

  • 3 AC outlets plus DC, 12V 8A, and L14-30R outlets

With the WEN DF475X generator, you can head out on your camping trip without compromising on creature comforts and convenience. The powerful 224cc OHV 4-stroke engine uses gasoline and propane to produce both 120V and 240V AC power for all your equipment. While using gasoline, you can expect a running wattage of 3,800 with a peak of 4,750 watts. Propane produces 3,500 watts consistently while peak wattage can hit up to 4,350.

The high power output results in a runtime of 11 hours while operating on gasoline at a 50% load. Using propane bumps up the runtime to around seven hours on a 20-pound tank. Three AC outlets allow you to use all your equipment without fail, including your electronic devices. Whenever you need to charge your batteries, there’s a 12V 8A receptacle plus a single DC outlet. Since this generator has an L14-30R receptacle instead of a TT-30R, it’s not built for RV use. Upon returning home from camping, it could come in handy during a power outage by easily hooking up to your breaker box.

Bonus: Solar Generators For Camping Trips

Many people are starting to favor a solar generator for camping and other outdoor adventures. The obvious advantage here is that as long as you have access to a good amount of sunlight, you could potential power your entire trip with solar panels. No more worrying about fuel efficiency when you have a free and unlimited power supply in the sky.

The following solar generator models from EcoFlow can be used with solar panels alone. Often the panels are purchased separately, so you can decide whether you want to power your camping generator with regular fuel, or via a solar panel. Note that these devices are often referred to as portable power stations, rather than generators online. You can also check out Bluetti power stations which offer many of the same benefits.

EcoFlow Delta Portable Power Station

This is one of the best camping generators with solar panels as a power source. We cover the EcoFlow Delta here.

EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station

Another great solar generator or portable power station to keep your electrical equipment running on camping trips. Learn more about the EcoFlow River Pro here.

So which is the best portable generator for camping? That depends on your specific budget and and individual needs, but this list is full of options in various price points which have good customer reviews.

There’s no one right choice for everyone when it comes to choosing the best small generators for camping. Exactly how much power you need will differ from other people's preferences, after all. So, review the specs from all the generator manufacturers and reflect on your needs to decide how to power all your upcoming outdoor adventures with a great generator.

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