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7 Smallest Portable Generators - Lightest & Best in 2022

7 Smallest Portable Generators - Lightest & Best in 2022

Finding the perfect portable generator for your next outdoor adventure, camping trip, or tailgate can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for lightweight models with a small profile.

In this guide, we’re going to walk through a few of the smallest portable generators on the market and describe their features, specifications, reliability, and runtime in detail.

By the end, you should have an excellent idea about what generator you’ll be purchasing, and understand what the portable generator market looks like. We'll also not the lightest portable generators as well.

Fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and reliability are all of the hallmarks of a generator that’ll last you for years to come, and the models we’ve chosen below didn’t let us or past users down.

Let’s get started and jump right into analyzing a few of the smallest portable generators available on the market today which are also lightweight, and looking at their running watts and how they can power electrical appliances and other small devices with ease.

Listing The Lightest and Smallest Portable Generators

There are many brands that claim they all have the best portable generators and that their products are superior to everything else on the market – but which generators truly have proven reliability and a long list of positive user experiences to back it up?

We’re going to dive into several portable generator models manufactured by Firman, Champion, Jackery power, WEN, and Westinghouse.

These are some of the most reliable, lightweight and smallest portable generators you can find on the market today, and by going with one of these models on your next generator purchase, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

We cover a few different designs including inverter generators, battery powered portable power station models, and some electronic devices with a long battery life. We even include a solar panel powered model. The solar power generators and portable power stations are becoming increasingly popular, and solar charging can be a great option if you're out on a camping trip in great weather.

1. Firman W03383 3650/3300 Watt Remote Start Inverter Generator

We consider the Firman W03383 portable inverter generator to be one of the best generators on the market today, especially because of its fuel efficiency and whisper-quiet operation. If you’re looking for a stable power source that can run for up to 10 hours on a 1.8-gallon fuel tank, this could be the perfect small and lightweight generator for you.

The W03383 is one of the bestselling Firman generator models - an electric portable unit that has a remote starter built right into it, and a muffler that allows it to run at an extremely quiet 58 decibels at a quarter-power load. If you frequently travel to National Parks, you’re likely aware of the noise level restrictions in place to prevent disturbances to other visitors and to the environment. Fortunately, the Firman W03383 is within the noise rating limits set by the National Park Service, allowing you to visit all of the National Parks you want without worrying about noise complaints. 

When this dual fuel Firman generator comes in its package, it also includes an operating manual, funnel, oil, and spark plug wrenches to make your job easier. You'll be able to power your sensitive electronics using this small inverter generator, and appliances like air conditioners or others that require AC Power. This is considered one of the best inverter generators out there, and one of the best portable devices and lightweight generator models that are parallel capable as well.

This is the perfect fuel efficient companion for any outdoor event, park, camping trip, tailgating event, and even emergency power situation for a natural disaster or power outage.

All in all, it is tough to beat the reliability, efficiency, and power of Firman portable generators. The W03383 is no exception, and the features packed into this small and light dual fuel inverter generator make it well worth the cost.

Portable power stations like these with dual fuel capability and safety features are always great to have on hand, especially with their low noise level and clean energy production.

For more power, small generator profile, powering devices like coffee makers, and having a great noise rating, this model won't let you down.


  • 2x 5-20R 20A-120V Outlets

  • 1x TT-30R 30A-120V Outlet

  • 1x USB 5VDV Plug

  • 1x DC Outlet 12V 8.3A

  • Starting Wattage: 3650 Watts

  • Running Watts: 3300 Watts

  • 1.8 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank

  • 104 lbs Weight

  • 58 decibels at quarter-load

  • 10-Hour Runtime

  • Recoil, Remote, and Electric Starting Systems

  • 23.2” x 17.8” x 17.9” Physical Dimensions

  • Dual fuel

2. Champion Power 2500 Portable Generator

Champion Power was able to launch one of the smallest dual-inverter portable generators on the market today, making it perfect for camping trips, RV trips, or just powering your devices when there are no electric outlets or power lines to be found.

Built from hard plastic, this small inverter generator has everything you need to access multiple types of outlets and power sources directly from the front panel. On the front, you’ll find a number of outlets, USB ports, and plugs, as well as a spark arrester that’s on the back of the device.

There’s a smooth pull starter on the right side of this lightweight inverter generator model that lets you smoothly start the generator without any issues, and you’ll find the engine oil and filter on the left side providing you with easy access.

For superb power production, great running wattage, and for powering your electrical equipment, you can't go wrong with this model. It has efficient fuel consumption and can even power electrical devices like cell phones on the go. These are some of the most efficient and smallest portable generators available today.


  • 1x 8A DC USB Port

  • 2x 120V 20A Outlets

  • Ground Terminal Included

  • Parallel Ports to allow connection to additional units

  • Fuel selector dial that’s simple to use

  • Indicator lights for economy mode, low fuel, and overload

  • 20-Amp Circuit Breaker

  • Propane Inlet Port

3. Jackery Power Station 240 Portable Generator

If you’re looking for a truly small, lightweight, and portable generator that can compromise on lower power output, the Jackery Power Station 240 is the perfect generator for you. 

This is one of the smallest camping and outdoor adventure portable generators available on the market today, and even though it only produces an average of 200 Watts and 400W at peak surge output levels, it’s still perfect for charging your devices or providing emergency power for short periods of time out in the wild.

The build quality of this Jacker Power Station 240 generator is solid, and it’s made of hard plastic that can withstand the elements. This is essentially a mini generator that weighs just around 6.8 lbs, and it is able to fit just about anywhere making it perfect for packing in tight spaces.

This isn’t a gas-powered generator, and you will have to charge it before operation, but it has great battery life and can power your electronic devices easily. Think of it as a small portable charger, except one that can provide power for multiple devices and even small appliances for a little over an hour at near peak power load.

For a small mini-generator and small portable generator with good batter life that you can take on the go quickly to power your electronic devices and more, it's hard to beat the Jackery Power Station 240 when looking at comparable models on the market today. 

4. Firman W01682 2000/1600 Watt Recoil Start Inverter Generator

Even though it can be challenging to find the perfect small and lightweight portable generator, the Firman W01682 is at the top of our list when it comes to recoil start inverter generators that are reliable and get the job done.

This small generator packs a real punch and has been the ideal choice for thousands of campers, explorers, tailgaters, and outdoor adventurers. For anyone looking for a lightweight and quiet generator that won’t cause excessive noise levels and disturbances for anyone around, the Firman W01682 has been the ideal choice.

Getting a one of the Firman inverter generators like this one can be an excellent choice in the long run, especially with its control panel, it being a smallest portable generator model pick, and its capability as a portable power station.

This is a model of generator that’s been built with quality in mind and will serve you reliably for years to come assuming proper maintenance and care. If you’re going on a camping trip, you can use this generator to provide power for charging your devices or powering some appliances to improve the quality of your time out in the wilderness.

This is an inverter generator or portable power station, that's one of the smallest generators on the market today in it's performance class. It's a compact generator that beats other generators in performance and has USB ports in order to charge your devices easily. The smallest quietest generator isn't easy to find, but this just might be it.

For outdoor explorers, RV trip enthusiasts, tailgaters, and even emergency preparedness, this generator will be able to provide you with a stable source of electricity for up to 9 hours on a 0.9-gallon tank. You don't need a solar panel generator for efficiency or even Honda generators, these get the job done just as well. 


  • 1x 5-20R 120V 20A Single Outlet

  • 1x L5-30R 120V 30A Twistlock Outlet

  • 1x USB Outlet 5V2

  • Control Panel Start Type: Recoil Start

  • Running Watts: 1600 Watts

  • Starting Wattage: 2000 Watts

  • Frequency: 60 Hz

  • AC Voltage: 120 VAC

  • Runtime: 9 Hours

  • THD @ Full Load: 3 Percent

  • Dimensions: 20.0” x 12.1” x 16.7”

  • Cast Iron Sleeve

  • Fixed Handle & Wheel Kit

  • Low Oil Shutoff

  • Power Stream Alternator

5. WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Portable Generator

The WEN 56200i is a 2000 Watt power output generator that’s known for its ECO mode for saving fuel and increasing the amount of time it can run. The build quality of this generator is superb, and its compact design makes it perfect for taking into the outdoors, on a camping trip, or on tailgating events.

You’ll find access to the fuel tank at the top of this generator, and you’ll see all of the outlet ports and power indicators on the front. On the back of this generator model, you’ll find the exhaust and ventilation system.

This is one of those generators that has a 79.7CC 4-Stroke OHV Engine, allowing it to run quietly and burn less fuel than standard generator engines. In this price range, you’ll be tough-pressed to find a model that can give you the fuel efficiency, eco-friendly features, and efficiency that the WEN 56200i can provide.


  • Eco Mode Button

  • 12 DC Receptacle

  • Reset Button

  • 2x 120V 15A Outlets

  • Parallel connectors to add another unit

  • Indicator lights for output, overload, and oil

6. Westinghouse Outdoor iGen2200 Portable Generator

Westinghouse has a reputation as a reliable American company with over 100+ years of experience building dependable products for its customers. When looking at small and portable generators for your next trip, this is one of those models that you definitely can’t go wrong with.

Take advantage of the Westinghouse name and their reputation in the space, and get a model that you know will last you for many years to come without suffering any problems, issues, or frequently needed repairs. As long as you maintain your generator, change the oil on time, and make sure you handle it with care, you’ll find this Westinghouse generator to be one of the most reliable pieces of equipment on the market today.

The compact design of this generator makes it easy to carry in a small vehicle such as a van or a car, and it’s especially easy to transport in a larger recreational vehicle (RV) for an RV trip. The top of this model has an oil tank, spark plug access, and a carrying handle for convenience and ease of use.

You’ll find the manual pull starter on the left side of this generator, and you’ll have access to the filter, engine oil, and other mechanical components on the other side.

When it comes to noise levels during operation, you’ll find that this generator only produces about 58 to 60 decibels from about 20 feet of distance on a three-quarters power load. This isn’t as quiet as other similar portable models, but it still gets the job done and guarantees that you won’t be disturbing your neighbors when camping or at a tailgating event.

Overall, this is a great generator for your next camping trip, RV adventure, or outdoor event, and it’s solid build and reliability are tough to beat with other models on the market today. 

7. EcoFlow River Mini Portable Power Station Solar Charging Generator

The EcoFlow River mini is a popular small portable generator which can be powered by solar panels. This is a great portable power station for anyone wanting something that doesn't rely on fuel, but still has a good power output, and is battery powered.

You get 210Wh or power which can be easily carried around on a camping trip. USB ports and AC wall outlets making charging your electronic portable devices quick and easy. There is also a car charger so you have multiple options to charge this popular small generator before you need it. Bluetooth connectivity is included as well - great for you high tech campers!

This device features fast charging, and can charge to 80% capacity in just one hour. It can of course power multiple portable devices at one time.

Solar panel powered portable generators are really starting make an impression on the market and EcoFlow are one of the leading generator manufacturers in this space. The River Mini is currently one of their smallest portable generators, but there are multiple other generators to choose from in the River Series and Delta series if you want something with more power and don't mind a unit that's slightly bigger and heavier. The River Mini can actually fit in a backpack though, which many portable generators cannot!

FAQ: Choosing The Best Small Portable Generator

When buying a portable generator, you’ll likely have some questions about what models are best for certain purposes.

In this frequently asked questions section, we’ve taken some of the questions we get asked the most and compiled several simple answers that’ll give you what you need to know. Many people are searching for great small generators which are fuel efficient, and parallel capable generator models at the same time.

Hopefully these questions will help you choose the best small generator for you and your individual needs.

What is the smallest generator that can power a house?

For a house emergency where the power goes out for an extended period of time, it is recommended to have a 5,000-watt generator that’ll allow you to have power for multiple appliances for up to 8 to 10 hours.

While a smaller generator can get the job done at around 3,500 watts, you’ll be able to power fewer appliances due to its lower power output.

This is one of the best lightweight portable generator models and lightweight portable generators on the market.

What is the smallest most powerful portable generator?

One of the smallest portable generator models on the market today is the Firman W03383 3650/3300 Watt Portable Inverter Generator with remote start.

It has everything you need to power multiple devices, pieces of equipment, hardware, space heaters, electronic devices, and even appliances. Due to its small profile and lightweight design, you can carry around this generator and have power available wherever you need it on the go.

This is one of the smallest quietest generator that can be used as a portable home generator reliably.

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