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EcoFlow Delta 1300 Portable Power Station

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The EcoFlow Delta 1300 Portable Power Station is one of four models in the EcoFlow Delta Series.

This power station provides hours of off-grid power to a long list of devices. Consumers who choose an EcoFlow Delta 1300 generator experience how convenient it is to have continuous and reliable power while working remotely or out on an adventure.

The Advantages of EcoFlow Delta Portable Generators

Many consumers see this new age of generators such as the EcoFlow portable power stations as superior to traditional diesel or gas-powered generators.

The following are some of the most significant advantages of choosing a battery-powered generator such as the Delta 1300 for backup power:

  • It's Quiet:¬†Neighbors at home and the campsite may not be fond of the loud noise your gas or diesel generator makes. The EcoFlow Delta backup power station is quiet, so you can enjoy using your devices or other essential electronics guilt-free.¬†

  • It's Convenient:¬†Lithium battery generators are much lighter and more compact than the alternative. Most weigh between 11 and 40 pounds, while gas generators can weigh more than 100 pounds. A gas generator is also about three times larger than the average battery-powered generator.

  • It's Safer:¬†Engines produce carbon monoxide gas, which is what requires a gas generator to be outside rather than inside the home or garage. Battery-powered generators Like the EcoFlow Delta 1300 do not release any toxic fumes, so you can use yours inside your home or even your camper.¬†

  • It's Low Maintenance:¬†Old-school generators operate on gas or diesel engines that require spark plug and filter changes and other maintenance. New battery-powered generators require little to no maintenance.¬†

  • It's Rechargeable:¬†Modern battery-powered generators feature rechargeable lithium batteries that you recharge at any wall plug-in or via a port car power output. The Delta¬†can also be a solar generator when paired with EcoFlow solar panels.¬†

Consumers must understand that there are often separate uses for battery-powered generators and gas or diesel-powered generators.

A large gas-powered generator can power an entire home or business for a substantial amount of time. Most portable power stations and battery-powered generators are most ideal for charging laptops, phones, and other small electronic devices.

However, EcoFlow tech does offer other battery-powered generators within the Delta Series that can power large appliances and entire homes.

EcoFlow Delta Specifications

The EcoFlow Delta portable power station sets a new standard for battery-powered generators. It allows users to charge a long list of devices from any location. It's also one of the fastest-charging portable power stations on the market. 

Extreme Charging Power: The EcoFlow Delta 1300 charges from 0 percent to 80 percent in about an hour via the company's patented X-Stream Technology. This generator recharges 10 times faster than most battery-powered generators. There's a reason consumers and tech enthusiasts praise the Delta series for ingenuity. 

Charge the Delta Multiple Ways: Users can recharge the Delta solar generator with solar panels or through a 12/24V car charging port. A full charge via solar panels takes about four hours to complete and charging in a vehicle takes roughly 10 hours to complete. 

Superior Battery Capacity: This state-of-the-art battery-powered, solar generator features six 1800W AC outlets and a 1260Wh battery capacity. The EcoFlow Delta can power appliances, devices, and remote workstations.

It can power a 10W lightbulb for 112 hours on direct current (DC) and 36 hours on alternating current (AC), or a 120W refrigerator for 7.5 hours (AC). 

Power Multiple Devices at Once: Power up to 13 devices at once with the Delta generator. This portable energy station can power a 50-inch TV, electric frying pan, refrigerator, coffee maker, laptop, blender, and numerous other appliances.

The EcoFlow Delta portable power station is ideal for charging laptops, cameras, smartphones, tablets, and drones, for working remotely, or for adventure in the wilderness. 

This Delta solar generator model is also perfect for individuals or work teams needing to use power tools where a power supply is not available. It can power electric hammers, electric drills, circular saws, and more. This portable power station opens opportunities for companies to take their work where they could not travel before. 

Recharging the EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

As mentioned above, you can recharge your Delta 1300 device in several ways, including via a car or other vehicle, solar power, or a wall outlet. 

  • Car Charging: The Delta charges in 13.5 hours with a car adapter. That means you can charge the Delta while you're cruising down the freeway to your adventure destination.¬†

  • Charging With Solar: Go completely off-grid by using the sun and portable EcoFlow solar panels to power your EcoFlow Delta.

  • Connect the generator to three 160W solar panels, and it will have a full charge in less than seven hours. Connecting the generator with four 110W solar panels will fully charge it in less than eight hours.

  • Wall Outlet Charging:¬†Of course, you can still charge your portable power station via a traditional wall outlet. This is how you get an incredibly fast charge. The Delta can achieve a full charge in 96 minutes when plugged into a wall socket.¬†

Operating the EcoFlow Delta During a Power Outage 

The Delta is especially helpful during power outages. This compact power station can keep your home comfortable and allow you to continue working online when storms or other types of power outages hit.

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 can power a space heater, an AC unit, and even a well pump. Many users call it an essential item for emergency planning,  but they end up using it almost daily. Charge your EcoFlow Delta generator while power is available, so it's ready to get to work when you need it most.

Simply plug your devices in when the power goes out, turn on the Delta, and get back to work, cooking, or watching TV in comfort. 

Feel Good About Your Power Supply With EcoFlow Solar Panels

Gas and diesel generators may emit harmful fumes into the environment and your home. In fact, diesel exhaust includes dozens of toxic air contaminants, some of which are cancer-causing. Traditional generators also cause noise pollution. The Delta portable solar generator is one of the most efficient, sustainable, and quiet portable power supplies available. Connect it to solar panels for charging to decrease the carbon footprint even more. 

What's Included in the EcoFlow Delta Series 1300 Portable Power Station Box

The EcoFlow Delta generator comes ready for use. Inside the box, you'll find the generator, a Delta bag for traveling convenience, and numerous charging cables. EcoFlow includes the 3.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging Cable, 1.5m Car Charging Cable, 1.5m AC Charging Cable, warranty card, and user manual. Additional cables, solar panels, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, and additional items to enhance performance are sold separately. 

The EcoFlow Delta Series

The Delta Series from EcoFlow includes four Delta portable power stations in addition to the original Delta which are also available on our website.

Consumers can also choose from the EcoFlow Delta Mini, EcoFlow Delta Pro, and EcoFlow Delta Max. 

EcoFlow Delta Mini

The Delta Mini is the smallest and lightest portable power station in the Delta Series, and it's the most affordable. The following are some of the Delta Mini's most important specs:

  • Power up to 12 devices at once via USB outlets, wall outlets, and DC outlets.

  • Fully charge the Delta Mini in 1.6 hours with the X-Stream feature on.

  • The Delta Mini offers an output of 1400W, so it can power 90 percent of electronics. Apply the X-Boost feature to boost the output to 1800W and power a table saw or toaster oven.¬†

EcoFlow Delta Max

The Delta Max is loaded with features and power, including the ability to power heavy-duty devices like a refrigerator and a dryer. The Delta Max's X-Boost capability allows it to easily power devices up to 3400W. Additional features include:

  • Rapid dual charging allows the Delta Max to charge from 0 percent to 80 percent in 65 minutes.¬†

  • The Delta Max provides home emergency power when paired with additional Smart Batteries.¬†

  • Delta Max can connect with up to two 400W EcoFlow solar panels to provide 800W max charging speeds. It's the top solar-powered generator available right now.¬†

  • Solar generators like this one make your home or outdoor life more environmentally friendly.¬†

EcoFlow Delta Pro 

The Delta Pro is the most powerful EcoFlow generator on the market. It's also the most expensive. However, that higher price tag comes with a lot of additional features.

  • The Delta Pro can power even the most heavy-duty appliances, such as AC units, dryers, refrigerators, and more. Two units can also¬†be paired together to provide double the power (up to 7200W).¬†

  • The Pro is expandable with Smart Generators, the Smart Home Panel, and Smart Batteries. You can control the entire setup from your phone with the EcoFlow application.

  • The Delta Pro is the fastest charging portable power station in the world. You can charge your Delta Pro via six methods, including an EV station or a combination of multiple charging methods to reach an extra fast 6500W charge.¬†

  • This EcoFlow generator can power up to 10 home circuits, making it the ultimate accessory to have when power outages occur. Using the EcoFlow Pro regularly can also reduce power bills.¬†

The EcoFlow Delta Series Warranty 

EcoFlow offers a limited warranty for all products in the Delta Series. All portable power stations include a 24-month warranty period. The warranty begins as soon as the purchaser receives the product.

Remember we offer free shipping in the US and factory direct pricing on all EcoFlow tech power stations.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How long will an EcoFlow Delta last on battery storage? 

The Delta has a battery storage capacity of 1260Wh. A user can run a 60-Watt lightbulb for 21 hours straight or multiple devices for a shorter amount of time. For example, a fully-charged Delta can fully charge a Macbook about 20 times and a smartphone roughly 180 times. 

The EcoFlow Delta can also go from zero charges to 100 percent in 90 minutes, so it can provide even more entertainment and comfort if you have access to a power source nearby. 

How long can I expect my EcoFlow Delta to last overall?

The eco flow Delta has a lifespan of 800 charge cycles.

After 800 charge cycles, the capacity drops to 60 percent of its full potential. Some users claim the overall capacity began to drop after around 500 charge cycles. The Delta can still function for years following the first 800 charge cycles, but you'll have to recharge it more often, and the recharge speed will drop. 

Is the Delta an uninterrupted power supply?

The EcoFlow Delta supports all entry-level uninterrupted power source (UPS) functions. However, the EcoFlow team expresses the importance of performing tests to guarantee compatibility before connecting the DELTA to workstations or data servers. The EcoFlow company is not responsible for equipment damage or data loss due to failure to follow instructions. 

How much does the Delta portable power station weigh? 

The Delta is portable, but you need to be quite strong to carry it. The Delta weighs about 30 pounds, so it's perfect for camping in an RV or other vehicle but is not desirable for backpacking or air travel. 

Can I power multiple devices with the Delta while it is charging through my carport?

Yes, the Delta can simultaneously power devices while recharging through the carport. 

Is EcoFlow a Chinese company?

EcoFlow is an American and Chinese hardware firm based in Shenzhen and San Francisco. A team of battery engineers founded the company in 2017 with a vision of guiding society away from outdated power sources and toward more sustainable and renewable power options. 

What is the most powerful EcoFlow?

The Delta Pro is the highest-capacity portable power station offered by EcoFlow. 

Does EcoFlow Delta use a solar panel?

This can be used as a portable solar generator by purchasing the solar panels separately to enable solar charging. The panels are an additional upgrade which you can choose if you want to.

EcoFlow Delta Overview Video