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Pulsar 4500 Watt Inverter Generator - PG4500ISR

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If you’re big on productivity, you’d know how incessant power outages can stand in the way. Thankfully, with a trusty Pulsar 4500 watt inverter generator (PG4500ISR) as your companion, you no longer have to worry about the poor power supply. 

The PG4500ISR is the generator you need to stay on top of your productivity game. Say goodbye to frustrating power outages thanks to this 4500-watt inverter model.

The PG4500ISR is a premium option for anyone who needs clean power and easy portability in a single package. Even better, as powerful as this device is, it produces only 64 dB of sound, so unlike standard generators that make a lot of noise, this one is virtually silent.

Even better, the generator features parallel capability, which allows you to operate two PG4500ISR generators simultaneously with an adapter. This helps to increase power output without needing a much larger unit for your operations.

Also, thanks to its compact size, lightweight feature, zero flat wheels, and telescopic handles, this is one of the most portable generators around. You can take it anywhere you need portable power and store it without issues.

Finally, the Pulsar 4500-watt generator has both CARB and EPA certifications for your safety and peace of mind.

Key Pulsar 4500 Watt Inverter Features:

  • 11 Hours of Runtime: The PG4500ISR provides about 11 hours of runtime using 3.2 gallons of gasoline.
  • 224cc Engine: This generator is ready to go as soon as you press the push button on the unit. Even better, you don’t have to go through much stress to turn on the generator, as it comes with a wireless remote that can be used 80 feet from where the unit is located.
  • Parallel Capability: This lets you connect two PG4500ISR units if you want increased power output.
  • CARB and EPA Certified: The PG4500ISR is certified to produce lower toxins, thereby preventing health risks.
  • Modern Look: Functionality aside, this Pulsar generator boasts a modern look that’s nothing short of elegant/


  • Starting Wattage - 4500W
  • Running Wattage - 3700W
  • Engine - Single Cylinder, 224cc OHV
  • Fuel Type - Gasoline
  • Operational Volume - 64 dB
  • Half Load Run Time - 11 hours

The generator also features circuit breakers, a push button, stable sine wave technology, and an impact-resistant shell.

Outstanding Power Panel

This Pulsar 4500W portable generator features four outlets, and they’re 120V 20AMP duplex, 120V 30AMP RV, 12V DC 8AMP, and Integrated USB outlets. All of these allow you to plug in as many appliances as you can at the same time for increased productivity. 

Furthermore, this unit comes with circuit breakers that prevent fire hazards or other electrical risks in case of an overload.

Built for Power

With a running power of 3,700 watts, the Pulsar PG4500ISR is built to operate major appliances in without difficulties, both large and small. This means both homeowners and business owners will be able to use this unit for several activities.

The portable devices also offer stable sine wave technology, making it safe to power and charge sensitive electronic devices like cell phones and laptops.

Excellent Runtime

The PG4500ISR boasts efficient fuel usage, which helps the device last about 11 hours at half load. So, you can always stay productive without worrying about power loss. 

Usage Safety

This is one of the safest generators you can find, as it’s approved by both CERB and EPA. CERB is the California Air Resources Board, while EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency. Being certified by both organizations implies that the generator minimizes harmful toxins.