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Firman P03608 - 4550 Watt Portable Gas Generator

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Stay up and running during power outages and remain productive throughout your workday with the Firman P03608, which delivers 3,650 watts of running power. Capable of powering powerful high-amperage power tools as well as small and large appliances, the 4,550-watt portable generator gives you brilliant footwork to handle multiple tasks and work at full speed.

The Firman P03608 is easy to configure and quickly comes into play when the grid goes down or when you plan to make an impact on the job site.

The 4,550-watt portable generator with an impressive runtime of 14 hours of continuous use at 50% load ensures you always have options and stay ahead of your needs. The portable gas generator offers maximum comfort and is equipped with grippy solid rubber tires for easy navigation.

Additionally, the folding handles are conveniently located so you can move the device around as needed and leave it confidently supported and ready to go whenever you need. Plus, the P03608 features multiple power outlets for maximum compatibility.

Thanks to EPA and CARB certification, the 4,550-watt portable generator remains safe and healthy for indoor use as its toxic emissions are well below standards.

Key Firman P03608 Features:

  • 208cc Engine: Ready to go at the press of a button or using the included remote, the Firman Max-Pro Series engine allows you to power your household appliances and heavy-duty power tools with ease and confidence.
  • 14+ Hours of Runtime: The Firman P03608 keeps you going when you need it the most with up to 14 hours of continuous use at 50% load.
  • Modern Look: Unique to the Firman esthetic, the Firman P03608 also doubles as an elegant piece of decoration when stored.
  • EPA and CARB-Certified: According to globally recognized standards, the Firman P03608 produces lower amounts of toxins to prevent health hazards.



    • Peak Watts: 4,550
    • Running Watts: 3,650
    • Peak Amps @120V: 37.9
    • Running Amps @120V: 30.4


    • Amperage: 30.4A
    • Voltage: AC: 120V 60 Hz
    • Frequency: 60Hz
    • Engine Size: 208cc
    • Engine Type: OHV 4-stroke
    • Engine Speed: 3600RPM
    • Fuel Type: Gasoline
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons


    • 1 x 5-20R 120V 20A DUPLEX
    • 1 x L5-30R 120V 30A TWIST LOCK
    • 1 x TT-30R 120V 30A RV


    • Runtime at 50% Load: 14 Hours
    • Start Type: Electric Start/Recoil/Remote
    • Volume Level: 67dB
    • EPA Certified: Yes
    • CARB Certified: Yes
    • Product Dimensions: 24.8"L x 21.7" W x 21.7" H
    • Product Weight: 129 Lbs

    Engineered for Performance

    Designed by Firman, the 208cc cast-iron sleeve engine packs a punch despite its compact size. Clocking in at 3,650 watts of running power, the P03608 portable generator is capable of powering household appliances and high-amperage power tools, perfect for small homeowners and professionals alike.

    An automatic voltage regulator, the built-in Power Stream Alternator controls sudden electrical surges that could harm the device. This guarantees the portable generator's output consistency and safety.

    Extensive Runtime

    Built with efficient fuel usage, the Firman P03608 lasts for up to 14 hours at half load so you can worry about the tasks at hand and keep your thoughts off the oil gauge.

    The low oil shutdown function automatically shuts down the engine when oil levels are low, preventing the usage of contaminated oil from causing harm to the device. It also has a low oil indicator that acts as a heads-up.

    Usage Safety

    The P03608 remains safe to use even indoors thanks to both EPA and CARB certifications.

    Globally recognized, the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board’s regulations aim to reduce toxic emissions to prevent health hazards, and this gas portable generator complies with them to ensure your safety.

    Fully Loaded Power Panel

    To help you accomplish your tasks, the Firman P03608 houses 3 different outlets so you can plug whatever it is that you need to be powered.

    Whether you choose to start the unit using its recoil mechanism, electric start, or remote, you can immediately begin producing power and get to work.

    The fully featured power panel also features circuit breakers that prevent any electrical risks or fire hazards in case of an overload. 

    Firman P03608 Video Overview