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EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station

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An highly versatile portable battery-powered generator, the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station is powerful for its size.

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is the lightest that EcoFlow produces, making it exceptionally easy to store and transport to wherever you might need it the most while still having great battery capacity.

This portable power station is designed to deliver an uninterruptible power supply in all kinds of different environments and circumstances. And because EcoFlow Delta power stations run exclusively on battery power, you don't need to worry about sustaining them with costly liquid or gas fuels, such as gasoline or propane.

The Applications and Capacity of the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station

The Delta Mini 882Wh power station is a convenient option to produce electric power when wall outlets simply aren’t available. Delivering a maximum of 1400 watts in its standard operational mode, it is able to run 90 percent of the household consumer electronic devices on the market today.

It also comes complete with an X-Boost function that can boost its output to 1800 watts, enabling you to run everything from a toaster oven to a hairdryer or a table saw. In fact, the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station can power as many as 12 different devices at once thanks to its comprehensive array of built-in standard wall-style outlets, DC outlets, and USB outlets.

When placed in X-Stream mode, this generator can charge fully in just over an hour and a half. This charge time is three to four times faster than comparable portable power stations from competitors on the market today.

These battery capacity levles and characteristics make the EcoFlow Delta Mini an ideal choice for dealing with power outages, going on outdoor adventures, and doing work in the field. 

This innovative unit offers three easy and effective charging options. By linking it to two 160-watt solar panels, you can completely charge it in as few as four to eight hours with solar power alone.

On a road trip, you can charge it directly from your interior vehicle outlet. And, of course, you can plug the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station into a wall outlet to charge it to around 80 percent in less than an hour. 

To get the very most out of your EcoFlow Delta Mini, you should connect it to the proprietary EcoFlow app. Simply download the app to the digital device of your choice, and you can see exactly how much solar power you are taking in while charging and how many watts each of your connected devices are using.

Even better, as with all EcoFlow generators you can use the EcoFlow app to control your Delta Mini power station from anywhere with internet or data network access.

EcoFlow Delta Mini Specifications

To learn all you need to know about the functional and operational particulars of the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station, take a close look at the technical features, dimensions, and available accessories below.

EcoFlow Delta Mini 882Wh Technical Features and Dimensions

Key aspects and characteristics of the device include…

•    Net Weight - 23.6 lb (10.7 kg)
•    Dimensions - 14.9 × 7.2 × 9.4 in (37.8 ×18.4 × 24 cm)
•    Charge Methods
- AC Wall Outlet
- 12V Car Outlet
- Solar Panel
•    Full Recharge Times
- 1.6 Hours (AC) 
- 9½ Hours (12/24V Car Outlet) 
- 3¾–7½ Hours (Using 2x 160W Solar Panels) 
- 3–6 hours (Using 1x 400W Solar Panel)
•    Capacity - 882Wh
•    Cell Chemistry - NCM Li-ion
•    Cycle Life -800 cycles to 80% capacity
•    Battery Management and Safety Systems
- Over Voltage Protection 
- Overload Protection
- Over Temperature Protection
- Short Circuit Protection
- Low Temperature Protection
- Low Voltage Protection
- Overcurrent Protection
•    AC Charge Input Power - X-Stream Fast Charge 900W max
•    Solar Charge Input - 300W 11–75V DC 10A max
•    Car Charger - 12V/24V DC 8A default
•    AC Outputs (×5)
- Pure Sine Wave
- 1400W total (surge 2100W)
- 120V~ (50Hz/60Hz)
•    USB-A Outputs (×2)
- 5V DC
- 2.4A
- 12W Max, per port
•    USB-A Fast Charge (×1)
- 5V
- 2.4A / 9V
- 2A / 12V
- 1.5A
- 18W Max
•    USB-C port Output
- 5/9/12/15/20V 
- 5A
- 100W Max
•    Car Power Output
- 12.6V
- 10A
- 126W Max

Compatible EcoFlow Delta Mini Accessories

•    EcoFlow Solar Parallel Connection Cable 
•    EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel
•    EcoFlow Solar Angle Guide

EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station Product Pricing, Shipping, Packaging, Support, and Warranty

Customers who purchase the EcoFlow Delta Mini Power Station benefit from factory direct pricing. This factory direct pricing offer applies to all EcoFlow generator models and accessories.

Furthermore, free shipping to any address within the continental United States is always available. Inside the box, EcoFlow includes everything that you will need to begin producing power immediately.

In addition to the Delta Mini unit itself, you get a DC 5521 to DC 5525 cable, a solar charging cable, an AC charging cable, a car charging cable, and user manual that is incredibly easy to read and understand.

Located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the skilled and knowledgeable EcoFlow customer support team is available to assist customers by phone or email. EcoFlow customers also receive a comprehensive warranty on every Delta Mini Portable Power Station purchased through our website. With certain limitations and restrictions, this warranty covers the unit for a period of two years.

EcoFlow Delta Mini Reviews

The EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station gets highly positive feedback in customer reviews. In addition to praising the product for shipping, arriving, and functioning as advertised, customers report that it is exceptional for a broad spectrum of specific and unique purposes.

Beyond providing essential emergency power during blackouts and brownouts, the EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station has been used to run warming blankets and other accessories on carts during golf outings, provide supplemental power for digital gaming rigs, and serve as on-set batteries for videographers and digital technicians on television and movie production sets.

Frequent travelers specifically love that the EcoFlow Delta Mini has allowed them to downsize from larger generators while taking long camping trips or road trips. Customers have reported that this unit is particularly effective when paired with dual solar panels.

Delta Mini Overview Video