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DuroMax XP8500E - 8500 Watt Gas Portable Generator

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The DuroMax XP8500e gas generator is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable source of power. It can produce 8,500 watts, giving it plenty of power to handle just about any task. So whether you are looking for something to use during an emergency or you just need a generator for recreational use, this model will serve you well.

Be ready for anything life throws at you with this well-equipped portable generator. It is RV ready with a 120V/240V twist lock connector and multiple 120V outlets. The DuroMax XP8500E is also the perfect generator for power outages with its electric start and wheel kit, making it easy for anyone to use.

Just a few of the key features on the DuroMax XP8500E include:

  • RV Ready

  • Wheel Kit Included

  • Extra Large Fuel Tank

  • Electric start

  • Idle Control

  • EPA and CARB approved

Choose the DuroMax XP8500E Gas Generator for Power at Home or on the Go

With 8,500 watts of peak power and 7,000 running watts, the DuroMax XP8500E can power everything you need in your home or while camping. A robust range of features makes this an exceptional choice for your power needs.

A 120V/240V twist lock power outlet is capable of powering campers or whole homes with just a single cord. If your home is equipped with a generator transfer switch, simply start up, switch sources on your home, and plug in your generator.

If your home is not equipped with a generator port, don't worry. The DuroMax XP8500E is still a great option, with four 120V 20A outlets that are GFCI protected. Just plug in the devices and appliances you wish to use, and you are powered up!

The XP8500E is a popular generator by DuroMax which can easily power multiple appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, along with 1-2 medium size window air conditioners. You will also be able to power numerous devices such as televisions and computers.

Maximum Power at the Jobsite

The DuroMax xp8500e is also great for power tools on the jobsite. It has a rugged design with metal construction and anti-vibration mounts. This makes it durable enough to withstand the rigors of any construction site. Plus, with an electric start, you can quickly and easily get the power you need without having to mess with a recoil starter.

Portable power is critical on construction sites, and the DuroMax XP8500E is up to the challenge. It can handle a wide range of tools found around the job site, such as saws and even small welders. The included wheel kit also makes this gas powered generator incredibly portable with its solid fill tires and metal handle.

Being both Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certified means the DuroMax XP8500E is approved for use in all 50 states. Combined with safety features such as GFCI outlets means, this gas powered generator also provides safe and easy operation where you need it most.

Key Features of the XP8500E generator

The XP8500E comes with a plethora of features that make it one of the most well rounded generators available. From the electric start to the convenient power panel, this DuroMax gas powered generator is sure to please.

The electric start feature allows you to turn the generator on with the push of a button, taking away the need to pull start, and giving you full power in only one step. Of course, it does include a traditional recoil pull start, just in case.

The wheel kit includes solid metal wheels with rubber tires and a handle, making it very easy to take out or move around job sites, even on rugged terrain. Another factor in the DuroMax XP8500E's rugged design is due in part to its steel frame, which fully encloses the generator to provide ample protection.

Another feature of the DuroMax XP8500E is a low oil shutoff sensor that turns the generator off when the oil gets low to prevent causing any damage. You can see if it's low on oil by checking if the low oil light is illuminated on the power panel.

The power panel includes all of the generator's essential functions in one place. This also includes a charging light to confirm that the included starting battery is getting charged. Another feature of the control panel is a key start. Unlike other generators, the DuroMax XP8500E uses a metal type key switch so you can prevent unwanted users from starting and operating your generator.

The DuroMax XP8500E features an idle control function that allows you to turn the engine speed down while a load is not applied. This keeps the generator ready and running but provides optimal fuel efficiency until you start drawing more power.

XP8500E Specifications

The DuroMax XP8500E is capable of 8,500 peak watts and 7,000 running watts. Power is delivered through four NEMA 5-20 120V 20A GFCI protected outlets. Or, you can power larger devices and appliances such as a whole home or a camper through the NEMA L14-30 twist lock outlet, which is capable of 240V at 30A.

You can even charge 12V batteries with the onboard 12V DC studs. In addition, a set of DC charging cables are included with the generators that allow you to connect a battery straight to the generator for charging external batteries.

All that power comes requires fuel to generate, and a 7.9 gallon fuel tank ensures extended run time. The large fuel tank can provide up to 10 hours of runtime on a single tank. DuroMax's MX2 switch gives you the ultimate control over your power by enabling you to select between doubled 120V power or a mix of 120V and 240V output.

An onboard breaker protects the generator and your devices from short circuits and overloads. Each GFCI outlet is also individually protected with 20A breakers as well. In addition, the generator features a built in surge arrestor to prevent damage to sensitive electronics and appliances. An automatic voltage regulator also controls the power output to ensure a steady flow of power which also helps prevent surges and spikes that could damage devices.

All DuroMax portable generators carry a three year warranty to ensure their products are free from defects. However, the DuroMax XP8500E's rugged metal construction and steel sleeved cylinder will provide long-term reliability and satisfaction.