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ALP Propane Generator 1000 Watt

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The ALP 1000W propane generator is an excellent option for providing power when you really need it most.

It's a favorite among people who need a reliable, well priced propane generator. Whether you're planning your next camping trip, setting up for your next tailgating adventure, looking for a power source for boat trips, or just wanting to be prepared for a power outage, this ALP generator can give you the power and reliability you need.

One of the most commonly seen pieces of feedback in ALP propane generator reviews is how well this portable generator works, and how good the run time is, considering its size and price point.

Others comment on the ALP generator's low noise level, and how valuable it is to be able to hear family, friends, and other sounds over the generator's operation especially during events like camping trips or other recreational gatherings.

Why Choose 1000W ALP Propane Generators?

Customers generally like the ALP generator because it gives you the opportunity to get away from gasoline options, so you can just use a propane tank as your only fuel source. You won't need to store dangerous gas tanks, or worry about finding or bringing enough fuel on trips. Propane is generally cheaper than gasoline.

Propane offers easier and safer storage, and it lasts for a very long time. You don't need to worry about its viability just because it's been sitting in its tank in the garage over the winter months. Unlike traditional gas generators, that can fail to run properly if you use older gasoline, your propane powered generator will be there for you whenever you need it.

A Propane powered generator also gives you a longer run time, and will be more environmentally friendly than one powered by gasoline. The 1000W ALP generator is one of the most popular models in the portable propane powered generator market.

A 12" hose comes with the generator so you'll have what you need to get started, and won't need to worry about purchasing a lot of additional accessories, storage, or space. Getting set up is quick and easy.

The 1000W ALP propane generator is known for its light weight design, portability, strength, and durability - making it great for all your adventures. Not only can you use the generator for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor fun, but it's also strong enough to power most refrigerators and other small appliances at home during the next power outage.

Just remember to use your generator outside in a very well ventilated location if using it to power appliances. Do not use a portable generator like this inside.

Lightweight at just 30 lbs, the ALP 1000 watt propane generator is incredibly portable. It's also small so you can easily store it away when it's not in use.

Buyers who have reviewed the ALP Propane generator often talk about how much value for money they feel they're getting after just a short period of use. This model certainly packs a punch at a very reasonable price point.

And we offer free shipping in the US too.

ALP Propane Generator Noise Level

The ALP propane generator noise level is less than 52dBA.

As it uses propane, your generator will just be quietly running in the background, supplying power for a heater, a fan, or other small devices and making sure you can camp or tailgate with ease, without any noise disturbances.

The Value of The ALP 1000W Propane Generator

There are a lot of small, lightweight, portable generators on the market today. This ALP generator provides great quality and value and remains a leader in its price range.

The compact lightweight design powers small appliances but it's important to note this isn't a whole-house generator option. But it's extremely handy and valuable for smaller applications and situations when you need portable power on the go. It's a great generator overall.

If your power goes out your ALP 1000 watt propane generator can be quickly and easily started up. The light 30 lb weight of the generator makes it easy to handle in an emergency. Previous buyers also mention in reviews that the generator's lengthy runtime is a big part of its value, because they can use very little propane and still get hours of use from their ALP generator.

The load on the generator will affect that of course, but even under the maximum load it can handle, there are still hours of operation available on a single tank of propane.

ALP 1000w Propane Generator Run Time and Efficiency

This efficient ALP generator can operate for a 60 hour run time on a 20 lb tank of propane when used at 25% capacity.

The 1lb tank under the same conditions gives you up to 3 hours of run time. Using the generator to power fewer will of course mean longer run times and lower propane use.

1000 Watt ALP Propane Generator Specifications

When choosing any generator it's important to get the right size, fuel source, power, levels of strength and portability for your specific use cases.

Here are some important stats and things to know about this this popular propane powered generator:

  • Compact dimensions: of 18-1/4”L x 10-1/4”W x 14”H,

  • AC rated wattage - 850 Watt

  • Maximum AC wattage - 1000 Watt

  • AC rated frequency - 50hz

  • AC amperage - 7.1a

  • Engine - 53.2cc OHV 4-Stroke

  • Compression ratio - 7.6:1

  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty

  • Charger - 12V DC / 13.8V Regulated

  • Multiple charging options

  • Air cooling system

  • 60 hour run time with 20lb tank

  • 1 hour run time with 1lb tank

  • Low oil auto shut off feature.

  • Lightweight and portable at just 30lbs

  • Pull start mechanism

  • Use cases include powering small appliances, camping equipment, and tailgating

  • Sturdy top mounted carry handle

  • Whisper-quiet low noise level less than 52 dBA

  • Two USB ports

  • Two 120V AC outlets

  • built-in and easy to read LED lights

  • EPA CARB approved

  • 20lb propane tank

1000 Watt ALP Propane Powered Generator Color Options

The generator is available in a number of different color schemes which you can find below.

  • Green + grey

  • Green + black

  • Orange + grey

  • Orange + black

  • Blue + grey

  • Blue + Black

Availability for each of the ALP generator color options will vary based on customer demand. There is no difference in performance or pricing between any of the color choices.

Are ALP Generators Any Good?

Yes. ALP generators are popular with campers, RV owners, and tailgaters for a reason, along with anyone wanting to be prepared for power outages at home. The generator's lightweight design provides power for up to 60 hours, it runs quietly, and the pricing is highly competitive.

You can expect your ALP propane generator to keep your small appliances during a power outage. 

The ALP generator offers environmental friendliness you can't get with gasoline powered competitors. Its 20 lb tank and pure sine wave technology means you can rely this unit when you need it.

An emergency LED light lets you know if there's a problem, so you can quickly take care of it. Whisper quiet operation, free shipping in the US, and factory direct pricing helps the ALP generator deliver quality and value with a compact design and great engine quality.

ALP Propane Generator Price and Shipping Information

We offer the lowest available prices right here at Epic Generators. Our prices also include factory direct free shipping here in the continental US. You may need to pay sales tax depending on your location.

Whether you need a portable propane generator for your next tailgate, camping trip, or just to be ready in a power outage, this ALP generator could be a great option.

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