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Planar Energy

Planar Energy was a company based in Orlando Florida, dedicated to driving innovation in solid state battery technology via a new type of Lithium ion battery system they were developing with an ultimate goal of changing the economics of energy storage.

Their efforts resulted in many coveted awards including:

  • The 2009 World Technology Award for Energy
  • A 2008 Governor's Business Diversification Award in Florida
  • The 2008 Florida High Tech Corridor William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award
  • A 2009 R&D 100 Award

And many more!

Planar Energy Devices was also part of an Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) program run by the US Department of Energy. The project received $2,530,342 in funding for Solid State Lithium Batteries.

Although the company did manage to develop game changing technologies for use in both electronics and automotive applications, the product market fit wasn't right at the time, and the business subsequently closed.

Here at we appreciate everything about the mission Planar Energy was working towards. With this is mind, we've acquired the domain.

We're very excited about the future of the Lithium ion battery market and all kinds of solid state battery technology. As a brand focused on providing our customers with the highest quality backup power solutions in the form of generators, portable power stations, and solar generators, we know this market has a bright future.

The Epic Generators product range has recently expanded to include many brands specializing in battery powered backup and portable power solutions. Examples include EcoFlow, Bluetti, Jackery, and more. These brands, along with others we'll be launching in the coming months, are developing various forms for energy storage technologies which are advancing at rapid speeds. These include solid state battery devices, lithium ion batteries, and other similar solutions.

We're certain these renewable backup power solutions and generators, many of which can be charged via solar panels for a true off-grid experience, represent the future of the portable power market for rechargeable battery devices.

We're grateful for the contributions made to this market by Planar Energy and are looking forward to seeing the rapid developments being deployed by other brands and manufacturers over the coming years.

About provides a wide range of generators for sale from a number of leading brands. These include portable generators, solar generators, portable power stations, and inverter generators, as well as lithium ion and solid state battery technologies.

If you need help choosing the best generator for your specific situation, check out our portable generator buying guide which will likely answer many of your questions, and be a great resource when trying to narrow down the right generator model.


Planar Energy

Planar Energy Devices

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