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EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus Portable Power Station

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When you need a simple power solution for all your adventures, let the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus Portable Power Station win you over. With its modular battery, this smart inverter can switch from a lightweight 360 watt-hour power station to a powerful 720 watt-hour generator on demand. The detachable battery doubles capacity in just a few seconds.

The EcoFlow app keeps you well connected at all times, too, allowing you to monitor and control the generator from afar. And when it comes time to get charged back up, its patented X-Stream Technology gets you back to 100% in 1.6 hours using a standard AC wall outlet which is an impressive charging speed.  

EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus Specifications

The RIVER Max Plus is the way to go when you need modular performance on tap at all times.

Whether you’re just going out for a BBQ in the park or taking an off-grid camping trip, you can always count on this generator to meet your needs. With its included extra battery on hand, it’s easy to switch between 720 and 360 watt-hours as needed to power up all your adventures and take advantage of all the great features.

The River Max Plus Generator Has The Following Specs:

  • Modular performance ranging from 360 to 720 watt hours

  • 3 120V AC outlets

  • Additional USB-A outlets, USB-C outlets, and DC outlets

  • Ability to power up to 10 devices at a time

  • X-Boost mode increases power to 1,800 watts

  • 17.7-pound net weight – even lighter with the extra battery removed

  • App functionality lets you easily monitor and control generator

  • Charge up using an AC outlet, DC car charger, or solar panel

  • Patented X Steam Technology allows for 80% charge in one hour

  • Quiet Charging status reduces noise levels

  • Overload protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Over and low temperature protection

  • Low voltage protection

What’s Included with Your EcoFlow River Max Plus Purchase

When you decide to make this EcoFlow favorite your generator of choice, you’ll get:

  • EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus unit

  • Solar charging cable

  • AC charging cable

  • DC charging cable

  • Car charging cable

  • User manual

When you buy your portable power stations from us, you’ll always enjoy quality customer service and support as well. We provide factory direct pricing, too, plus free shipping to any location in the contiguous United States.

The River Max Plus is a Truly Flexible Yet Powerful Portable Generator

If you’re looking for true versatility without compromising on portable power, the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus will undoubtedly exceed your expectations with its modular design.

No matter what adventures come your way, this portable power station promises to elevate your travels by running up to 10 devices at a time, including power tools and kitchen appliances.

When it comes time to ditch the weight while keeping the juice flowing, you can take out its lower battery in an instant.

Enjoy Modular Battery Power on the Go

With the extra battery in place, the RIVER Max Plus puts 720 watt hours right by your side through all your adventures. If you need to go lightweight, then just remove the modular battery to drop a few pounds. When every ounce counts, you’ll appreciate your ability to keep the power flowing without getting bogged down.

True Compatibility for Devices Up to 1,800 Watts

If you have big jobs on your to-do list, the RIVER Max Plus can provide up to 1,800 watts for your power tools, kitchen appliances, and other equipment. All you have to do is flip on the X-Boost mode to get the extra electricity moving through the unit. With that mode on your side, your portable generator can power about 80% of your essential devices with ease.

Convenient Connection Ports for All Your Plugs

All around the unit, you’ll find the convenient connection ports you need for all your devices’ plugs. To kick off the connections, you have three 120V AC outlets at your disposal. On top of that, the unit comes with two USB ports, including a USB-A Fast Charge outlet. Then, you also have a 13.6V 10A car power outlet to ensure no connections get left out of the fun.   

The EcoFlow River Max Plus Can be Fully Recharged in Less Than Two Hours

When it comes to getting recharged, you definitely don’t have to wait around. Thanks to X-Stream Technology, you can get the portable power station back up to 80% in just one hour while using a wall outlet. Or go for the full recharge in 1.6 hours to get ready for all the fun ahead. The generator supports three quick and easy ways to charge, too. You can use a wall outlet, plug the unit into your car, or set up a solar panel.

Monitor Portable Power Station Operation with the EcoFlow App

The EcoFlow app puts the full control of your RIVER Max Plus power station at your fingertips. So, whether you’re relaxing in your hammock by the lake or busy setting up camp, you can monitor and control the generator with a few taps of a button. You can even use the app to minimize noise levels by activating the Quiet Charging status.

Stay Protected by the Battery Management System

To help you keep a close eye on things, the RIVER Max Plus comes with a high-tech battery management system. As the generator operates, the system stays ready to shut down if it detects any overloads, short circuits, adverse temperatures, and other potentially damaging events. With those protections in place, you can enjoy true peace of mind while using the portable power station to run and charge all your essential devices.

The many benefits offered by the EcoFlow's RIVER Max Plus make it a great choice when you need power on demand. The immense flexibility of its design allows you to adjust its output and weight to your needs with the quickness. You can then enjoy all your explorations without having to leave your mobile device behind.

Power Up Your Adventures with the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus

Are you ready to power up all your adventures? Then, it’s high time to add this portable power station to your life. With that move, you can take your hikes, camping trips, and picnics to the next level without having to change out your equipment. This EcoFlow inverter generator enables you to keep your devices powered – with even more juice from and its extra battery if you wish.

If that sounds like just what you need in your life, you can trust that we’ll make it easy to get your perfect portable generator. All you have to do is add it to your cart, and then complete the checkout process from start to finish. Once that’s done, we’ll get to work expertly packaging up your generator and sending it to your door – free shipping included.

So, don’t hesitate to get started on buying your RIVER Max Plus – and we’ll handle the rest. We look forward to helping you satisfy all your power needs and kick your adventures into high gear.

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