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BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station - 2,000W 5,100Wh

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The BLUETTI EP500 is one of the most reliable and efficient solar power stations on the market, and one that you definitely won’t regret purchasing.

Finding a reliable power source can be difficult, but why even look at traditional power supplies or power station models when you’ll be able to go completely “off-grid” with a power station that offers solar charging capabilities?

Instead of relying on regular wall outlets for charging (which requires the power grid to be working and operational), this incredible power station can achieve a quick charge in just a few hours using solar panels and a 1200W solar inverter. While it’s a little heavier than traditional power stations, it has an incredible battery capacity of 5100 Wh and is rated for over 6,000 cycles.

We’re going to walk through the specifications of this device, what makes it so great, the most common use cases for this power station, and who this type of device is for. Ready to get started? Let’s dive right in! 

BLUETTI EP500 Specifications

The BLUETTI EP500 is a top-notch solar power station that can power several electronic devices or even small appliances in case the power goes out or you need an emergency power source that’s instantly available.

We’re going to walk through the specifications of this particular power station in detail and help you understand whether or not this meets your desired use cases.


  • AC Rated Power: 2000W normal operation

  • Battery Capacity: 5100 Wh

  • Net Weight: 167 lbs

  • Dimension: 22.8” x 11.8” x 29.9”

  • Battery Cell Type: LiFePO4

  • Rated Life Cycle: 6000+ cycles

  • Charge Temperature: 0C ~ 40C

  • Storage Ambient Temperature: 0C ~ 45C

  • Working Environment Humidity: 10-90% humidity

  • Certifications: PSE, FCC, UN38.3, CE, MSDS, UL, ROHS, and SAA

  • Warranty Period: 60 months

  • AC Input: 600W maximum, 100 - 264VAC

  • PV Input or T500 Input: 1200W maximum, 55-145VDC, 20A

  • USB-C Output: 1x 100W

  • AC Output: 3x 220-240VAC, 4x 100-120VAC

  • USB-A: 2x Quick Charging, 36W Total, 2x 5VDC, 3A Total

  • Cigarette Lighter: 1x 12VDC, 10A

  • RV (Aviation Port): 1x 12VDC, 30A

  • DC 5521: 2x 12VDC, 10A Total

  • Wireless Charging Pad: 2x 5/7.5/10/15W

  • AC Charging Cable Included

  • PV Charging Cable Included

  • Warranty Card Included

  • User Manual Included

Bluetti Solar Power Station Use Cases

This power station has been considered one of the best solar power stations on the market by numerous customers, primarily due to its reliability and the incredible amount of use cases and applications that this power station model can be used for.

You can use the BLUETTI EP500 for emergency preparedness situations when the power goes out, as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your home, for an electric vehicle or recreational vehicle (RV) power, as a power source for your appliances, or as a solar power storage device from solar panels installed on your home or outdoors in direct sunlight.

There is no shortage of applications for this incredible power station, and we’re going to walk through just a few of the most common reasons customers purchase and use the BLUETTI EP500. 

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency situations can strike at any time, and being prepared well ahead of time is absolutely key if you want to navigate the situation stress-free and know exactly what you’re going to do each step of the way.

In your initial planning phase, it’s highly recommended that you find a reliable power source that you can use to power your home, appliances, devices, and any other hardware you’d need in an emergency. The BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station is the perfect solution for this since it can be moved around and used to power a large number of electrical appliances or devices when required.

Whether you’re preparing for a potential hurricane, storm, or extended power grid failure, this power station will let you get through any power crisis and not worry about how you’re going to get through each day without electricity. 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Smart Home Panel

Using your BLUETTI EP500 as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is possible with a smart home panel. When you get this setup configured in your home, you’ll ensure that even if the power goes out, all of your devices will immediately switch to backup power, preventing a shutdown or reset.

If you have a security system, critical electronics, or even a desktop computer that you need to have running for extended periods of time without interruption, then having a UPS can save your system from going down when your local power grid fails or experiences a shutdown.

Don’t worry about losing all of your data, files, or security footage during a power outage – get the BLUETTI EP500 solar power station and ensure that you’re protected from any outages by using it as a UPS. 

Electric Vehicle, RV, and Appliance Power Source

This power station can be used as an emergency charger for your electric vehicle, recreational vehicle (RV), or for various appliances that you need to run even when the power goes out.

Imagine the relief and stress-free experience you can have by having one of these magnificent power stations on hand. Instead of worrying about how you’re going to power your most critical devices during an outage or other emergency situation, you’ll have all of the power you need on hand.

If you frequently travel or take adventures to the wilderness away from civilization, you can take this power station with you and power everything you need when camping, hiking, or just exploring the great outdoors. 

Solar Power Storage Device

One of the most impressive features of the BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station is its ability to be charged through solar panels instead of just relying on using existing electricity, power outlets, and the electrical grid.

What would you do if the electrical grid was down for days or weeks, and your power station ran out of juice? If you’re like everyone else, you’d be dead in the water until the power came back on.

As an owner of the BLUETTI EP500, however, you have the ability to charge your power station using solar energy, and if you have the recommended BLUETTI solar panels, you’ll be able to easily plug this power station into the solar panel output and ensure you have a long-term form of energy storage and power generation. There’s no better way to have an emergency power source that’s off-grid than by using this BLUETTI model coupled with solar panels for power. 

Be sure to check out the full Bluetti power station range here.

Charging Times & Methods

Even though the BLUETTI EP500 has a very large battery capacity, you’ll find that it charges incredibly quickly.

When using a wall outlet that typically maxes out at approximately 600 watts, you’ll be able to fully charge your power supply in approximately 9 hours. You can also charge your BLUETTI through solar power, which we’ll discuss in the next section. Solar power is the best way to ensure your device has power for an extended period of time, even if the power grid is down and you aren’t able to charge it through a conventional wall outlet. 

Solar Charging Capabilities

Charging your BLUETTI EP500 through a solar panel is one of the most efficient ways to charge your device since it will only take approximately 4.5 hours when using a solar inverter like the 1200W MPPT.

The solar charging capability of this power station model is one of its most attractive features, and when compared to regular power stations that require a wall outlet and a working power grid to charge, you should quickly see that it’s no match for traditional power stations or power supplies. 

Who is the BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station for?

The BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station is perfect for anyone who feels that they need either an emergency power source, a backup power supply in case of an emergency, or a power supply that can be charged using solar panels in order to have a power-grid-independent source of power if the situation requires in.

We never know when the power might go out or when an emergency situation may hit, making it a great idea to purchase a reliable power station like the BLUETTI EP500 and have it on hand and ready to go whenever we may require it. 

Primary Benefits of the BLUETTI EP500 Power Station

One of the largest benefits of the BLUETTI EP500 Power Station is its solar charging capability, and the ability to fully charge your device quickly using solar panels. There aren’t very many power stations that you can say make you fully energy-independent of your city’s power grid, but with this incredible device, you can now make that statement a reality.

The incredible battery capacity this device provides, as well as its AC output, lets you run multiple appliances, hardware, or other larger electrical devices for many hours on end.

Don’t hesitate to purchase your own BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station today, and we’re almost certain you won’t regret it in the long run. We can all use an emergency power supply or backup power supply “just in case”, and by purchasing a device like the EP500, you’re securing your future and making you more likely to easily navigate any future situation where the power is out for an extended period of time. 

Experience the Power of the BLUETTI EP500 today

If you want to have reliable power in any situation, get the EP500 today for the ultimate power source. This is a great device that you can charge from solar panels, an excellent emergency energy storage power source, and is a device you can use in power outages and even charge from solar generators whenever you may need it. The solar input capability of this incredible power station is one of its best selling points, and you can even use app remote control to control it as you need. This device can be used as a dedicated solar power station, and contains a pure sine wave inverter that can even be used to power high power appliances.

For a private power station that you can install, set, and forget for power whenever you need, this is the perfect solution for most individuals. Don't hesitate to get this power station today, and you'll be able to sleep soundly knowing that you have all of the power you need for any situation, even if you are in an emergency where power isn't available for days or weeks on end. Having a power station like this will guarantee you have all of the power you need, and that you can even charge it using solar panels in a complete off-grid fasion. This is one of the best power stations on the market today due to its solar capacity, and anyone who wants to become resilient and have power in any situation is sure to benefit from this excellent reliable device. 

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