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Cummins Onan P4500i Portable Inverter Generator - A058U955

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The Onan P4500i inverter portable generator A058U955 is the perfect companion whether you are an avid camper or just want portable power. It runs on regular gasoline and can deliver 4,500 peak watts and 3,700 running watts. Best of all, it is an inverter generator, so it is both quiet and fuel efficient.

As an inverter generator, it is also compact and lightweight compared to a similarly sized conventional generator. Plus, it has plenty of extras, such as a wheel kit and even a remote start to make using it a breeze. Don't underestimate the P4500i's small package, as it can also power your home in the event of an outage.

  • Inverter technology

  • Remote start

  • LED data center

  • Wheel kit included

Take the Onan p4500i Anywhere

With 4,500 watts of peak power output, the Cummins Onan p4500i inverter portable generator is sure to handle anything you throw at it. In addition, it has a compact design that allows it to be easily transported or moved around. While most generators are large and heavy, the onan P4500i weighs in at just over 100 pounds.

while that still may sound pretty heavy, it is a far cry from the hundreds of pounds of a conventional generator capable of similar power output. Its compact size means you can easily take it when camping or even between job sites. Similarly, if you plan to use it at home, getting the generator out of the shed is no longer a backbreaking chore.

Onan's P4500i inverter portable generator is the perfect choice for someone looking to power their campsite. It also comes camper ready and can power most RVs. But what makes it great for camping is its portability in quiet operation. This also makes it a great choice for tent camping. There is nothing worse than camping next to someone with a noisy generator, and with this inverter generator, you can ensure that you will never have the noisiest generator again.

Similarly, when powering your home during an outage, it can be extremely annoying to listen to the roar of a generator for hours on end. The quietness of an inverter generator alleviates that problem as it produces only 52 decibels of sound. Its noise level is comparable to people having a conversation or a refrigerator running. The double-insulated casing also helps keep down the noise of the engine running.

The last problem you have to worry about on a jobsite is noise, but it is still nice that it doesn't add much either. However, you do have to worry about portability, and unless you plan to lay out hundreds of feet of extension cords, then you need an easily moveable generator. Similarly, most people want generators that they can easily take with them so they don't have to worry about leaving them at a jobsite where they could get stolen.

The Cummins Onan P4500iPower Everything You Need

It is important that you consider your plans for a generator before purchasing it; doing so can prevent you from making a costly mistake and ensure that it meets your needs. Every electronic device requires a certain amount of power to run, and that amount is usually measured in watts.

The Cummins Onan p4500i produces 4,500 watts of peak power and 3,700 running watts. Therefore, you need to make sure everything you intend on powering at a time equals less than the running watts. To put that in perspective, let's look at some typical uses.

Your Cummins 4500W generator will run a window air conditioner and refrigerator along with a TV or other small devices. The amount of power needed for charging sensitive electronics such as small devices including cell phones and tablets is pretty negligible. In comparison, larger appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, stoves, and refrigerators consume much more.

Therefore, you should always connect the most power-consuming devices first to allow their motors to start and take advantage of the peak wattage capabilities. But in regards to other uses, you can easily run multiple power tools such as drills and saws.

But the best use of the P4500i has to be powering a camper. Its camper-ready TT-30R 120V 30A outlet is capable of powering even large campers and RVs. Plus, its portability makes it simple to load and unload. But the most significant benefit is its quiet operation, which means you can have a conversation next to it without screaming. Cummins portable generators are know for their quiet operation.

Inverter Generator

Most generators on the market are big heavy, and loud. But the Onan P4500i uses an inverter to deliver maximum power while also maintaining fuel efficiency and portability. The way in which an inverter generator works is often misunderstood because it creates power the same way as a conventional generator and then converts it.

An inverter generator creates AC power through an alternator and then converts it to DC power before sending it through an inverter which converts it back to AC power. The process is actually much simpler than it sounds, and the end result is a much better generator. In particular, the power output is much cleaner, which is better for sensitive electronics.

Another benefit is that a much smaller engine is required to create power which in turn means a smaller alternator is needed. Together they can create power in a much smaller form factor than a conventional generator. The generator is also much lighter and quieter, which is aided by an insulated casing.

An insulated casing is also much easier to maneuver than traditional generators, which are built around a large metal frame. But perhaps the best reason to choose an inverter generator is that they are much more fuel efficient than traditional generators, which means the added cost can easily pay for itself in the long run.

Features of the Cummins Onan p4500i

The Onan p4500i inverter portable generator comes packed with features that are sure to make using it a breeze. The first thing you'll notice about the generator is that it has a built-in wheel kit and handle. This is necessary to make sure that you can easily move it around. Unfortunately, many generators do not include a wheel and handle kit, instead requiring you to purchase it separately.

another important and useful feature is the remote start. Not only does it allow you to start the generator without pulling it, but you can also start it from the comfort of your home or RV. This means anybody can use the generator regardless of their physical ability to pull start an engine. It also includes a recoil starter in case of emergencies or a dead battery.

An easy-to-read LED display keeps track of the generator's running hours, fuel level, power output, voltage, and lifetime running hours for you. This helps with both maintenance and ensuring that your generator's output is optimal. In addition, all of the outlets have their own covers to ensure that dirt and debris cannot enter them.

There are also safety devices in place, such as individual breakers, which serve as overload protection in the event of a short circuit. An automatic choke also helps to improve the starting system since it does have a remote start. This means you don't have to worry about choking it on cold mornings. There is also an economy mode that helps conserve fuel by throttling the generator down when there is not a heavy demand for power.

Generator Specifications

The Onan p4500i inverter portable generator can deliver 4,500 watts of peak power and 3,700 running watts. Power is delivered through 2-120V 20A AC outlets and 1-120V 30A TT-30R AC outlet. There is also 2-5V USB port for charging various devices.

The generator measures 24.5" X 18.25" X 20.5" and has a weight of approximately 100lbs. The fuel tank capacity is 3.4 gallons which can run the generator for 18 hours with a 25% load. A low oil shutdown sensor is also built-in, which automatically shuts the generator off if the oil level gets too low.

The 224cc Onan engine horsepower is 7.3 and is a 4-stroke, so you don't have to worry about mixing fuel and oil. It also comes backed by a 3-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty. Plus, Cummins has 24/7 customer support to help you out regardless of the time of day.