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Firman H08053 Dual Fuel Portable Generator - 8000 Watt

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When you need a generator that can provide thousands of watts of clean power using either regular gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a hybrid generator like the Firman H08053 can be a perfect choice. This solid generator model can produce 8000 running watts of power when using gasoline and 7250 running watts on LPG thanks to the dual fuel technology.

When you need a generator that has the capacity to power all of your electronic devices, appliances, RVs, and even food trucks or small service stations, this Firman generator will generate enough electricity for all of your needs and requirements.

We’re going to walk through what makes the Firman H08053 special, go through its specifications in detail, and then talk about various use cases customers frequently use this generator for. 

Note: This unit cannot be shipped to California. It is not CARB certified.

Why the Firman H08053 Hybrid Series Series?

Anyone who has been in the market for a reliable, solid, and well-built hybrid generator that can run on either gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) knows how difficult it can be to find a reliable model that’ll work for many years to come. The Firman H08053 Hybrid Series is a generator that’s praised for its incredible power output, efficiency, flexibility, multiple power outlets on its control panel, and how easy it is to use and operate.

The Firman H08053 is one of the best hybrid generators on the market, and perfect for situations where you may need to alternate between LPG fuel and gasoline fuel. This generator produces 8000 running watts of power, can run for up to 12 hours on a full tan, has recoil start and electric start capabilities, and will produce all the power you need for your electronic devices, hardware, appliances, and other items that use electricity.

Firman H08053 Specifications

The Firman H08053 is a hybrid generator that has an extensive list of features under its belt, perfect for applications ranging from camping to RVs to small business and commercial applications.

If you’re in the market for a hybrid generator and want to confirm whether or not this Firman model meets your requirements, the specifications list below should tell you everything you need to know.

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  • Running Watts: 8000W (Gas), 7250W (LPG)

  • Starting Watts: 10000W (Gas), 9050W (LPG)

  • AC Voltage: 120V/240V

  • Frequency: 60 Hz

  • Decibels: 74 dB at half-load

  • Run Time: 12 hours

  • THD at Full Load: 25%

  • Unit Dimensions: 30.2” x 27.5” x 26.3”

  • Recoil Start Included

  • Electric Start Included

  • 1x  5-20R 120V 20A Duplex Outlet

  • 1x  L5-30R 120V 30A Twistlock Outlet

  • 1x  L14-30R 120V/240V 30A Twistlock Outlet

  • 1x  14-50R 120V/240V 50A Outlet

  • Low Oil Shutoff

  • Power Stream Alternator

  • Cast Iron Sleeve

  • Fuel: Gas & LPG

  • Tank Size: 8 gallons

  • Material: Steel

  • Wheel Kit Included

  • Single Folding Handle with Grip Included

  • Certifications: EPA, cETL, NOM

  • CARB Certification: No

Use Cases for the Firman H08053 Generator

You can use a generator in a wide variety of situations ranging from recreational vehicle (RV) power to tailgating events and even camping and outdoor activities. We’re going to discuss some of the most common ways customers use the  Firman H08053 Hybrid Series Generator, and hopefully, give you some ideas for how to utilize your generator to its fullest potential.

You may not use your generator for these exact purposes, but perhaps you might tack on one of these use-cases in the future. 

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

When you have an RV and are taking a long cross-country trip or going sightseeing across remote locations or national parks, having a generator is an absolute must if you want to connect your RV to power while camping out in remote locations.

Using the Firman H08053, you’ll have ultimate flexibility and reliability when it comes to power for your Recreational Vehicle. Since this generator can be powered using either regular gasoline or LPG, you’ll have the option of multiple fuel types in situations where you might not have one certain type of fuel available.

Furthermore, in situations where you have to make a stop that isn’t in a primary campsite, rest area, or RV hook-up location, you can rest easy knowing that you have a power source that can power your RV for up to 12 hours on a full tank. 

Tailgating Events

Tailgating events can be a great way to show support for your favorite sports team, get together with friends, and ultimately, just have a good time and enjoy life! Using a generator like the Firman H08053, you can make your next tailgating event more enjoyable by providing a solid power source for anyone nearby.

If you want to power some electronics like a television, laptop, or phone chargers, or even some lights or speakers that you put around your vehicle, you’ll be able to use this generator to power all of your devices and more. Since this powerhouse of a generator provides up to 8000 running watts of power, you’ll have more than enough power for anything you want to connect. 

Camping & Outdoors

Going camping and spending time in the fresh air outdoors is a great way to connect with nature, take some time to yourself, and get in a more relaxed state of mind. Fortunately, having a generator like the Firman H08053 can make your camping experience even more enjoyable!

If you want to add some quality of life improvements to your next camping trip, such as getting additional exterior lighting or powering some cookware or electric stoves to make your job easier, then this generator will give you more than enough power to do so out in the wilderness. 

Get Your Firman Power Equipment H08053 Today

When you need a solid Firman Hybrid Series generator, this model gets the job done. This is a dual fuel generator with automatic voltage regulator, engine life automatic shutdown, an engine mounted recoil starter, voltage meter yes battery, manual transfer switch, tool kit, and user friendly control panel. You can easily check engine oil, and use this verified buyer dual fuel model, and utilize resources account customer service to get the support you need. For solid dual fuel operation, a spark plug wrench that comes with this model, and phoenix fat head block, you can be a manual verified buyer of this steel tube frame generator today.

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