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🇺🇸 | Free Factory Direct Shipping in The USA | 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 | Free Factory Direct Shipping in The USA | 🇺🇸


DuroMax EH Series Generators

This is the complete range of DuroMax EH Series Generators. The EH Series represents the best selling open frame generator collection produced by DuroMax. We're proud to be a fully authorized dealer of these industry leading products.

The EH Series generators by DuroMax are well know to be easy to operate, durable, and reliable when you need them most. Whether that's on a job site, in an emergency power loss situation, or simply on a camping or RV trip.

The “EH” that makes up part of the generator's name code signifies that the unit has an electric start mechanism, and can run on gasoline or liquid propane, with the “H” standing for “hybrid”.  This Dual Fuel technology gives you more flexibility as a user, and is something DuroMax is well known for doing well. All units come with free factory direct shipping in the contiguous United States, plus a full manufacturer warranty.