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DuroMax XP5500DX - 5500 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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When the power goes out, the DuroMax XP5500DX ensures you still have options. Consistently and reliably generating 4,500 watts of running power, it is the ideal solution for a productive day or an emergency backup plan.

This robust and compact unit uses DuroMax Dual Fuel Technology to run on both gasoline and propane, allowing you to use whatever fuel is more convenient at the time. Plus, propane is a clean-burning fuel, so it emits 50% lower toxic emissions than gasoline does. This means you can use the DuroMax XP5500DX with no health concerns whether you're indoors or out.

The 5,500-watt portable generator accounts for severe weather conditions and years of wear-and-tear thanks to full metal construction and steel frames.

Built for durability but also with convenience in mind, the unit also comes equipped with comfortable foldable handles and grippy semi-solid tires that will never run flat. Traversing rough terrain is now safe and effortless.

Amongst the several outlets that the XP5500DX houses, the power panel also includes an L14-30R receptacle that can be plugged into your home breaker box to immediately begin powering your appliances, lights, and immediate needs.

Key DuroMax XP5500DX Features:

  • 224cc Engine: Versatile and heavy load-ready, the 224cc DuroMax engine is tailored for maximum productivity, sustaining a remarkable 4,500 watts of running power thanks to a cast iron cylinder and an electric start feature for convenience.
  • Dual Fuel Technology: With game-changing technology, the DuroMax XP5500DX is capable of running on gasoline and propane, giving you the freedom and convenience of choice, reducing toxic emissions by a massive 50%, as well as lowering operating costs.
  • CO Alert: While carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat to everyone's health, all-new CO Alert Technology automatically shuts the engine down when carbon monoxide levels get too high, allowing you to remain safe.
  • 9+ Hours of Runtime: Perfectly balanced between performance and autonomy, the DuroMax XP5500DX allows you to keep going for a solid 9 hours at 50% load for all your needs and purposes.
  • Full Metal Construction: Capable of causing power outages that last for hours or even days, severe weather conditions are still not a threat to DuroMax generators. Built using full metal construction, they are designed to last for years.
  • EPA and CARB-Certified: Choosing a unit that is both EPA and CARB-compliant is a critical decision that affects both your safety and the environment by reducing toxic emissions far lower than typical generators, ensuring you have peace of mind.



  • Peak Watts: 5,500
  • Running Watts: 4,500
  • Peak Amps @120V: 45.8
  • Running Amps @120V: 37.5
  • Peak Amps @240V: 22.9
  • Running Amps @240V: 18.8


  • Peak Watts: 5,225
  • Running Watts: 4,275
  • Peak Amps @120V: 43.5
  • Running Amps @120V: 35.6
  • Peak Amps @240V: 21.8
  • Running Amps @240V: 17.8


  • Amperage: 37.5A/18.8A (Gasoline), 35.6A/17.8A (Propane)
  • Voltage: AC: 120/240V, 60 Hz
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Engine Size: 224cc
  • Engine Type: OHV 4-stroke
  • Engine Speed: 3600RPM
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (gasoline/propane)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4 Gallons


  • Runtime: (Gasoline) at 50% Load: 9 Hours, (Propane) at 50% Load: 8 Hours
  • Start Type: Rocker Switch/Recoil
  • Volume Level: 69dB
  • EPA Certified: Yes
  • CARB Certified: Yes
  • CSA Certified: No
  • Product Dimensions: 25"L x 23" W x 22" H
  • Product Weight: 135 Lbs

Compact and Balanced

Handle multiple jobs with ease and confidence using 4,500 watts of running power. Capable of powering high-amperage power tools as well as small and large appliances, the XP5500DX is dependable and reliable for professionals and homeowners alike.

To prevent the unit from overheating and damaging itself in the long run, DuroMax generators are equipped with 100% copper windings. Superior to the cheaper aluminum, copper offers improved heat dissipation that allows the unit to perform smoothly and consistently.

Dual Fuel Technology

Emergencies can happen at any time which leaves no room for blind guesses. Conveniently, the DuroMax XP5500DX uses innovative Dual Fuel Generator Technology to run on both gasoline and propane. This means you can use whichever fuel is more accessible while taking advantage of the game-changing benefits that using propane can yield, such as quick start-up.

Additionally, using propane allows you to cut toxic emissions by a staggering 50% to promote a healthier and safer environment for you and your loved ones.

Restless Performance

Shifting your focus from the oil gauge to what's truly important in the moment, the XP5500DX lasts for up to 9 hours at 50% load, so you can keep going during blackouts and remain productive throughout your workdays.

Whenever the unit is inactive, Idle Control decreases engine speeds to save fuel and money, and extend runtime.

CO Alert

Relying on a portable generator to keep your home running can overlook the health hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by the colorless and odorless gas.

CO Alert Technology is an automatic shut-off system that triggers whenever it detects unusual levels of carbon monoxide in order to keep you safe.

Certified Eco-friendly Rating

While many generators produce harmful emissions that can have increasingly harmful effects without you even realizing it, DuroMax generators meet strict eco-conscious guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Since they are both EPA and CARB-approved, the units' toxic emissions fall far below standards, ensuring you're safe and healthy before helping you tackle your tasks.

Heavy-duty Build

Combining full metal construction, steel frames, grippy solid-fill tires, and foldable handles, the DuroMax XP5500DX remains stable, steady, and supported.

While the rugged body counteracts harsh and unpredictable weather, solid-fill tires provide a solid grip on rough terrain while the handles allow for a comfortable way of moving the unit around, and even allow for more space when folded up.

Fully Loaded Power Panel

The XP5500DX dual fuel generator is where performance meets safety and convenience. Thanks to multiple outlets, the 5,500-watt portable generator ensures maximum compatibility for on-the-go operation.

The fully featured power panel includes an L14-30R receptacle, making the unit transfer switch-ready. This means that you can safely and easily plug it into your home breaker box to immediately power your lights and appliances, turning night into day in a matter of seconds.

An oil gauge, low oil indicator, and low oil shutoff help you keep track of oil levels and give you a little heads-up before proceeding to shut the engine down entirely to prevent contaminated oil from damaging the unit.

Although electrical overloads can be a potential fire hazard, circuit breakers keep you safe by cutting the power short before any devastating damage is done.

Benefits of Using Propane

Made possible by innovative Dual Fuel Technology, you can now make decisions that suit your living conditions and availability in terms of fuel sources.

Compared to its fossil-fuel counterpart, gasoline, propane is typically about 5% less powerful, but the benefits can be game-changing depending on your living conditions:

  • Quick Start-Up: Propane is the perfect solution for power generation in cold weather conditions, and remains ready to go at the press of a button using the electric start, or the recoil mechanism if the battery is drained.
  • Affordable and Accessible: With no need for electricity, you can easily get your hands on propane during power outages from local shops and home centers, whereas gasoline requires power in order to be pumped from the gas station into your container, whilst also being more expensive.
  • No Spills: An otherwise inevitable and difficult-to-clean mess can be avoided by using a propane hose that directly plugs into the unit.
  • Low Maintenance: Propane burns clean due to its nature as a green fuel and leaves little to no residue around the fuel lines and engine parts, making it a hassle-free option.
  • 50% Lower Toxins: As a green fuel, propane results in 50% lower toxic emissions after combustion. Dual Fuel Technology allows you to remain productive with no compromise to your safety.

Extended Shelf Time: Gasoline only lasts a few months while propane can last 30 years without any stabilizers.

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