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Pulsar PG2200BiS - 2200 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

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The Pulsar PG2200BiS  dual fuel inverter generator is a highly-compact, fuel-efficient, and energy-safe generator ideal for individuals interested in outdoor activities. Boasting a light engine capable of feeding off two fuel sources, gasoline and liquid propane, it can keep you going for 8 hours at half load with only 1.18 gallons of fuel.

The 80cc engine is powerful yet lightweight, delivering 1,800 watts of running power and able to power multiple small appliances simultaneously. It also features two 120V AC outlets and one 5V integrated USB outlet, making it compatible with a wide range of small devices, including medical equipment. 

Additionally, thanks to its inverter design, it produces stable energy suitable for sensitive devices like cell phones and laptops. The generator is also portable and easy to carry, weighing only 46.5 lbs with an ergonomic carrying handle. Its advanced sine-wave technology ensures quiet operation, making it inaudible from 10 feet away.

Key Pulsar PG2200BiS Features:

  • 80cc Engine: This generator combines reliability and power while being incredibly compact. With the 80cc OHV engine, you can be sure that you’ll have a consistent power source no matter where you are and when you need it.
  • Portability: Prioritizing easy transport and storage for excellent outdoor experiences, the PG2200BiS weighs only 46.5 lbs and features an ergonomic carrying handle and a sturdy frame.
  • Dual Fuel: Running on gasoline and liquid propane, the PG2200BiS is reliable, fuel-efficient, and can run for 8 hours at half load.
  • Inverter Design: Featuring an inverter design, this generator produces clean, safe, and stable power, ideal for sensitive devices.
  • Parallel Capability: If you need more power, you can connect two PG2200BiS generators using a parallel kit (bought separately) to feed large appliances.

  • PG2200BiS Dual Fuel Inverter 2200W Specifications:


    • Peak Watts: 2,200
    • Running Watts: 1,800


    • Peak Watts: 2,000
    • Running Watts: 1,600


    • Amperage: 13.3A
    • Voltage: 120V, 5V
    • Engine Size: 80cc
    • Horse Power: 3
    • Engine Type: OHV 4-stroke
    • Fuel Type: gasoline, liquid propane
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.18 gallons


    • 1 x 5V Integrated USB Port
    • 2 x AC 120V Outlets


    • Runtime at 50% Load: 8 Hours
    • Certifications: EPA, CARB, CAS
    • Parallel Cable: Yes
    • Automatic Voltage Regulator: Yes
    • Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
    • Fuel Gauge: No
    • Start Type: Recoil
    • Voltage Meter: No
    • Volume Level: 53dB
    • Product Dimensions: 19.7"L x 11.2"W x 17.9"H
    • Product Weight: 46.5 lbs

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    Engineered for Versatility

    The Pulsar PG2200BiS generator is ideal for those who enjoy tailgating or spending time outdoors. 

    Its built-in inverter and focus on durability and portability make it easy to take with you anywhere. Additionally, by feeding off two different fuel sources, the PG2200BiS is fuel-efficient, reliable, runs for extended periods, and has a minimal environmental impact.

    Maximum Compatibility

    Thanks to the USB port and parallel socket, you can power many small yet critical devices. Some examples include medical devices such as glucose meters, laptops, and cell phones.

    In addition, if you need to power a large device, you can connect two generators instead of investing in a heavy-duty one.

    The dual fuel setup gives you versatility and choices around fuel source - either gas or propane.

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    Usage Safety

    The Pulsar PG2200BiS is CAS, EPA, and CARB-certified. As such, it poses minimal risk to the environment and the user.

    On top of that, the Pulsar PG2200BiS generator is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator that ensures your devices will remain operational during power surges. This built-in feature also includes a low-oil shutdown function, which guarantees that the generator won’t be exposed to contaminated oil when the oil level is low.