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Firman WH02942 - 2900 Watt Inverter Generator Dual Fuel

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This Firman WH02942 dual fuel 2,900-watt inverter generator is an excellent backup solution due to its portable and lightweight design, making it ideal for use by small homeowners and professionals who need to stand out on the job site or power through an inevitable blackout.

With a running power of 2,900 watts, this compact powerhouse can run small and large appliances, and high-amperage power tools, and handle multiple jobs using gasoline and liquid propane gas thanks to Firman’s Dual Fuel Technology.

You can count on the WH02942 dual fuel inverter to get you through rough patches and help you get things done on the job site for up to 9 hours on a mere 1.8 gallons of fuel.

The 2,900-watt inverter portable generator was designed with multiple outlets, including a USB port for charging smartphones and other small electronics, for maximum compatibility. You can use your RV by directly plugging it into the unit without the need for an additional adaptor thanks to the built-in TT-30R outlet.

The WH02942 is a safe option for any application because its toxic emissions are significantly lower than industry standards and it has received approval from both the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.

Key Firman WH02942 Features:

  • Up to 9 Hours of Runtime: This inverter portable generator can operate for up to 9 hours on a single tank of gasoline or propane, making it ideal for emergencies such as power outages or long workdays on the job site.
  • Dual Fuel Technology: This portable powerhouse is flexible and multipurpose, as it can be operated on either gasoline or propane, depending on the user's preference and availability.
  • 171cc Engine: With its electric start, the Firman 171cc engine provides instantaneous running power of 2,900 watts for high-amperage power tools and home appliances.
  • Modern Build: The WH02942's sober design and industrial aesthetic make it a versatile piece that can complement a variety of interiors.
  • EPA and CARB-Certified: The 2,900-watt portable generator is always safe to use, as its toxic emissions are below industry standards and thus fully compliant with eco-friendly regulations.



  • Peak Watts: 3,200
  • Running Watts: 2,900
  • Peak Amps @120V: 26.7
  • Running Amps @120V: 24.2


  • Peak Watts: 2,900
  • Running Watts: 2,600
  • Peak Amps @120V: 24.2
  • Running Amps @120V: 21.7


  • Voltage: AC: 120V 60 Hz, DC: 12V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Engine Size: 171cc
  • Engine Type: 171 cc Firman Max-Pro Series OHV 4-stroke
  • Engine Speed: 3600RPM
  • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (gasoline/propane)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.8 Gallons

AC Outlets:

  • 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R)
  • 1x 120V 30A (TT-30R)

DC Outlets:

  • 1x 5V USB port
  • 1x 12V 8A receptacle


  • Runtime at 25% Load: Gasoline: 9 Hours, Propane: 19 Hours
  • Start Type: Electric Start/Recoil
  • Volume Level: 58dB
  • EPA Certified: Yes
  • CARB Certified: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 23.2"L x 17.8" W x 17.9" H
  • Product Weight: 90 Lbs

A Strong and Quiet Firman 2900 Watt Inverter Generator

The 171cc Firman engine delivers consistent power so you can make an impact on the job site or storm through an inevitable power outage. Performance-engineered, the WH02942 produces 2,900 watts of running power, enough to run small and large appliances as well as heavy-duty power tools.

The Power Stream Alternator, an automatic voltage regulator that comes standard on the Firman WH02942, offers protection against power surges that may cause damage to the device if it is subjected to them.

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Firman's Dual Fuel Technology

This portable 2,900-watt generator's ability to function on both gasoline and liquid propane gas is a brilliant example of its adaptability and efficiency. Regardless of which option you go with, this dual-fuel portable generator can easily handle either circumstance.

Propane is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel that generates 50% fewer harmful emissions than gasoline, which is produced from fossil fuels. Because of this, propane is a better option because it is less damaging to the environment and it is more affordable.

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Dependable Runtime

A single tank of gas allows the portable 2,900-watt generator to operate for up to 9 hours at a time. The WH02942 gives you the ability to get things done without having to stop and refuel since it has a fuel tank that can hold up to 1.8 gallons.

The low oil indicator and shutoff feature notify you when the unit needs a refill and will automatically shut the engine down if the supply gets too low. These features work in conjunction to avoid the use of contaminated oil that could potentially damage the unit.

EPA and CARB-Approved

In order to keep you safe, the Firman WH02942 strictly adheres to the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board on the emission of harmful gases.

This portable generator meets both EPA and CARB standards for low toxic emissions, making it safe and reliable to use for extended periods of time and in crowded areas.

Fully Featured Power Panel

The versatility of this Firman 2,900 watt inverter generator's many outlets extends its usefulness beyond its primary purpose. For instance, the TT-30R outlet on the WH03242 eliminates the need for a converter when powering a recreational vehicle.

Additionally, this unit houses a USB outlet that allows you to power or charge your smartphone and small electronic devices, as well as a 5-20R 120V outlet for all your household appliances and power tools.

The three-in-one data minder and oil gauge provide at-a-glance feedback on oil levels, voltage, frequency, and runtime.

Benefits of Using Propane

Although switching to propane will result in a slight decrease in performance (roughly 5 percent), the benefits will more than make up for this drawback. Propane is a game-changer in terms of both affordability and efficiency, and it also has positive effects on health:

  • Quick Start-ups: Propane, unlike its fossil fuel equivalent, does not need to be heated before it can be used. This means that even in cold climates, it is possible to achieve quick and reliable starts with propane.
  • Cheaper and More Accessible: Cost-effective and easily accessible, propane doesn't require electricity to pump from the gas station into another container, unlike gasoline.
  • No Spills: With the included propane hose, you can fill up the unit without worrying about any fuel spilling onto the floor.
  • Low Maintenance: Since it does not leave any residue inside the fuel lines or on the engine parts, propane allows you to avoid the hassle of having to clean up after use.
  • Reduced Toxic Emissions: Reducing the unit's toxic emissions by 50% will eliminate health risks like dizziness and provide a healthier environment for you.
  • Extended Storage Time: Propane has a much longer shelf life than gasoline, which can spoil quickly, as it can be stored for up to 30 years without any special care on your part.

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