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Bluetti EP500 Pro Solar Power Station - 2000W 5100Wh

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If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly, reliable backup power solution, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro Solar Generator is a great choice. With its high power output, flexible recharging, split phase bonding, and UPS Mode, you can easily keep this portable generator always on and ready to provide emergency energy storage power instantly.

In fact, this high-tech generator uses both a 2,000 watt pure sine wave AC inverter and 5,100 watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack. Between its two power sources, it can run and charge your electric vehicles, home air conditioner, in wall electric heater, and even sensitive electronics, like laptops.

A Look at BLUETTI EP500 Pro Specifications

Built as an all-in-one backup portable generator, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro provides true peace of mind in the event of an emergency power outage or off grid events. With its seven versatile ports, you won’t want to leave it behind when you go on your RV adventures either. Either way, you can count on this generator running up to 15 of your essential devices at a time.

EP500 Pro Solar Power Station Specs:

  • 5,100 watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack

  • 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter

  • AC ports plus DC, USB, and TT-30A outlets

  • Two wireless charging pads up top

  • 24/7 In-grid and flexible UPS Mode

  • Up to 15 outlet sources for all your devices

  • App control and monitoring

  • Features split phase bonding

  • Rapidly recharge with a solar panel

  • 6,000 charge cycles available

What You Get with Your BLUETTI EP500 Power Station Pro Purchase

When you purchase the BLUETTI EP500 Pro, you’ll find all the following items in the box:

  • EP500 Power Station unit

  • PV charging cable

  • AC charging cable

  • BLUETTI warranty card

  • User manual

The manufacturer provides a five-year, hassle-free warranty for their power station plus lifetime customer support.

When you complete your BLUETTI EP500 purchase through us, we’ll also provide the highest quality of customer service and support.

On top of that, we always offer factory-direct pricing, saving you money on your power investment. Your purchase will also qualify for free shipping to locations all across the United States.

The BLUETTI EP500 Pro Solar Power Station Pro is an Eco-Friendly Way to Get Ample Power on Demand  

For eco-friendly backup power complete with many versatile ports, set your sights on the EP500 Pro portable power station.

A smart touchscreen and app remote control make it easy to get powered up while its 24/7 UPS mode promises to never let you down. With that, you’ll always be glad to have this portable generator ready to run and charge all your essential devices, including kitchen appliances, power tools, and even your sensitive electronics.

Get the Electricity Flowing While at Home or on the Go

Between its 2,000W pure sine wave AC inverter and 5,100 watt-hour LiFePO4 large capacity battery pack, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro solar power station keeps all the electricity you need to support high powered appliances and delicate electronics. All you have to do is charge it using solar power, and then either set it up at home or take it on the go. If you keep the solar panels hooked up, you’ll be able to keep your devices on without running the onboard battery capacity down to zero.

Charge Sensitive Electronics with Its Pure Sine Wave Output

All your sensitive devices can charge without risk thanks to the pure sine wave AC inverter. The even waves created by the inverter generator match the power created by regular wall outlets. As the pure sine wave output works its magic, you can trust that your refrigerators, satellite systems, and even CPAP devices will run at their full capacity.

Protect All Your Electronics by Turning on Online UPS Mode

When you don’t want to risk losing power for even a moment, set up the BLUETTI EP500 Pro to run its in-grid or flexible UPS modes. With seamless UPS backup power, you get 24/7 protection for all the electronics in your household. You can then rest assured that if emergency power outages occur, your most important devices will still stay online and running at their best.

Enjoy Easy Operation with the Smart Touchscreen and App

A smart touchscreen control panel sits right on the front of the generator, always ready for your input. With its plug-and-play design, you just have to plug the unit in as desired, and then tap through the options to get set up. If you’d like to monitor and control these solar generators from afar, just use the app to adjust your settings and power usage without having to get up.  

Skip the Obnoxious Noise Levels and Carbon Monoxide Output

Unlike traditional generators, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro Solar Power Station doesn’t use stinky fuel nor produce any carbon monoxide. And since you don’t have to worry about the release of CO, you can set up the generator inside your home to serve as a constant home backup power supply. The lack of an engine also keeps noise levels to a bare minimum, allowing you to get electricity without making a racket.

Relish in True Peace of Mind from the Battery Management System

An advanced Battery Management System works with the innovative LiFePO4 battery chemistry to provide safe, efficient operation for all your power needs. The battery system works so well thanks to the dual-core microcomputer at the heart of the BLUETTI EP500 Pro’s build. The microcomputer promises to stay up to date, too, just as long as you regularly update its firmware through a simple internet connection.  

Move Your BLUETTI EP500 Pro Portable Generator Around with Ease

With its dual sets of wheels on the front and back, it’s super easy to maneuver the 167-pound BLUETTI EP500 Pro generator around without breaking a sweat. As your power needs change, you can move it into different rooms in your house by simply rolling it along the floor. Or pack it up with the rest of your camping gear whenever you want to hit the road on your next RV adventures.

There’s no doubt about it: the BLUETTI EP500 Pro offers seemingly endless benefits. So, whether you want home backup power or need a generator to take with you on all your travels, this power station promises to exceed your every expectation.  

Green Power for Your Devices – and Generator Recharging Needs

If you like to maintain a low carbon footprint, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro generator is definitely the way to go. With its ability to recharge using a portable solar panel, you’re able to stay eco-friendly while running all your devices. In fact, as long as you keep the panels connected and soaking up the sun’s rays, the sunshine will keep the onboard battery capacity charged forevermore.  

The BLUETTI EP500 Can Run and Charge up to 15 Essential Devices at a Time

When using your solar power station directly or by app remote control, you never have to pick and choose when it comes to which of your essential devices to run and charge. Instead, you can run up to 15 of your devices at a time by hooking up to the many outlets.

At the top of the unit, you have two wireless charging pads, plus multiple charging outputs, like:

  • 4 USB-A ports

  • 2 USB-C ports

  • 1 12V cigarette lighter port

  • 2 12V 10A max DC plugs

A TT-30R receptacle sits next to the rest of the outlets on top, ensuring you’re always RV ready when you want to hit the road. Furthermore, on the side, you have four additional 110V AC outlets and an L14-30 receptacle to give you more than enough plugs for all your devices.

Weigh Your Options for Recharging Your Backup Solar Power Station

Whenever you need to recharge your solar power station to full battery capacity, you just have to connect your BLUETTI generator to a portable solar panel. The system can accommodate up to a 1,200-watt MPPT solar input, allowing you to rapidly recharge your batteries at home or while traveling.

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to solar charging either. You’re welcome to use a 120-watt solar panel to gently fill up your battery whenever the sun shines down from overhead. If you prefer a bit more power, a 350-watt solar panel can provide ample off electrical grid solar charging power whenever the weather works in your favor.  

If the sunshine just won’t cooperate with your plans, use a car charging cable to fill up your battery nearly as fast. Or simply plug your solar power station into the wall with the AC charging cable and let it recharge to 100% whenever you have electricity available.

Stay Powered Up Through 6,000 LiFePO4 Charge Cycles

The innovative LiFePO4 battery pack has the ability to go through an impressive 6,000 charge cycles in its lifetime. So, as you drain all the power using your devices, you don’t have to worry about it not charging back up again.

All you have to do is hook up to your solar panels, AC outputs, or DC charger and get the juice flowing back into your portable generator. Then, use your backup power supply as you wish to keep your critical electronics running and charging as desired.

By the time you reach 6,000 charging cycles, you can bet that a new era of portable solar generators will come to light, allowing you to upgrade right in time. In the end, you can use your power station to the fullest with the knowledge that it'll deliver high life cycles from start to finish.

Additional Products Designed for Use with the BLUETTI EP500

BLUETTI designed their EP500 Pro Solar generator to work with their many other products, including:

Car Charging Cable

If you want to charge your flexible power station using your car battery, then you’ll need to buy the optional car charging cable. To use this cable, you just have to connect it to your power station using its MC4 connectors.

Then, plug the cigarette lighter plug into the port in your vehicle to start recharging the battery. Keep your car running while the power station charges to avoid fully discharging the automotive battery.

Solar Panels

BLUETTI has three solar panel models set up for plug and play usability with the solar input on your EP500 Pro portable generator:

  • 120 watt PV120

  • 200 watt PV200

  • 350 watt PV350

If you prefer more input power, you can use solar panels rated up to 1,200 watts, which will provide the fastest solar charging rate for your portable generator.

Fusion Box

Want to run two BLUETTI EP500 Pros in parallel? If so, you’ll need the Fusion Box plus two 15A AC power cables and a communication cable.

With all that hooked up, you can tap into double storage capacity plus dual AC power. Overall, you'll have twice as much rated power, voltage, and capacity on hand at a moment's notice. On the Fusion Box, you have four 120V AC ports, two TT-30 receptacles, and one NEMA L14-30 plug ready to go.

Keep Backup Power on Hand with the BLUETTI EP500 Pro Solar Generator

When nothing else will do but reliable, eco-friendly power, you’ll want to go with the BLUETTI EP500 Power Station Pro. With this large storage capacity generator in your life, you’ll never again have to worry about emergency power outages occurring. Plus, you’ll be able to keep ample power on hand for your fridge, HVAC system, and other high power appliances whenever RV adventures call your name.

If that sounds like just what you’re looking for, then it’s time to invest in a truly efficient private power station: the BLUETTI EP500 Pro – and we’re here to help. To get started, all you have to do is add the generator to your cart, and then move through all the checkout steps. After that, we’ll take over by processing your order and providing free shipping to anywhere in the US.

At this point, you’re just moments away from taking the first steps to getting the solar power station of your dreams. Once your generator arrives, you’ll be able to ditch the worries about power outages and enjoy all your explorations to the fullest.

We stock the full range of Bluetti portable power stations here. Always contact us if you have any questions about them and their use cases.

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