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BLUETTI AC50S Portable Power Station - 300W 500Wh

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If you’re looking for a great way to energize all your outings, the BLUETTI AC50S 300W portable Power Station. With its ultra-lightweight design, this sweet generator doesn’t take up hardly any room at all. So, it’s a fantastic addition to your hiking, camping, and tailgating set up. Simply grab the twin foldout carrying handles or place it in your backpack and you’re ready to power up all your devices at a moment’s notice. And when it comes time to charge back up, you have ample options at your fingertips, including staying eco-friendly with solar energy.

A Look at BLUETTI AC50S Specifications

Small yet mighty, the BLUETTI AC50S promises to power up your adventures in an instant. Whether you’re going on a hike or spending the weekend camping with friends, this solar generator will keep your devices charged up and running at their best. Since it’s available in three flashy colors – sky blue, bright orange, and steel gray – your portable power station will look absolutely fantastic while doing all that work, too.

With The BLUETTI Ac50s Power Station On Your Side, All The Following Specs Are Yours To Enjoy:

  • 300/450 watts

  • 500 watt hours battery capacity

  • 2 120V AC output ports

  • Regulated 12V 10A DC outlet

  • Additional DC and USB ports

  • 10W Wireless charging pad

  • All-in-one compact design

  • Available in three vivid hues

  • Four smart ways to recharge

  • 120 watt max solar input

What You’ll Get with Your Portable Power Station Purchase

Whenever you’re ready to buy the BLUETTI AC50S power station, you’ll receive:

  • BLUETTI AC50S generator unit

  • AC adapter and cable

  • Cigarette port cable

  • MC4 cable

  • USB-C charging cable

  • BLUETTI user manual

  • Warranty card

Upon buying your portable power station new, you’ll also get a two-year, hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer. BLUETTI provides lifetime customer support for all its products as well.

When you buy Bluetti power stations from us, we’ll come through with even more support with your purchase. You can trust us to answer all your questions and resolve any concerns you may have. Beyond that, we always offer factory-direct pricing on all our generators. Plus, you’ll get free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

An Ultra-Small Yet Truly Powerful Portable Power Station

For a lightweight, portable generator with oodles of power, set your sights on the BLUETTI AC50S power station. Built with a tiny footprint, this power station can go anywhere your travels take you without adding too much weight. In fact, bringing it along on all your adventures will only add 13.6 pounds to your kit. Upon doing that, you get access to 300 watts of rated power and a peak starting power of 450 watts. Plus, on a single charge, you’ll get about 500 watt hours of energy and it’s easy to get charged back up when the battery runs low.  

Enjoy Matching the Generator Style to Your Personality

BLUETTI offers the AC50S in three stunning colors you’re sure to adore, allowing you to match your portable power station to your personality. If you love bright and sunny tones, then the orange power station is definitely calling your name. Prefer mellow hues reminiscent of the clear sky and lapping waves at the beach? Then, you’ll want to get the blue portable generator instead. For a more low-key design, the gray power station can serve you well, allowing the vivid orange lettering to stand out beautifully.  

Easily Take the BLUETTI AC50S on All Your Outdoor Adventures

At just over 13 pounds, the AC50S power station doesn’t add much weight to your travels. So, you can easily lug it on your hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor recreational activities without breaking a sweat. The power station stores well in your camping gear, too, giving you easy access to electricity while off the grid. The 11.7x7.5x7.7 inch footprint even makes it easy to store your generator in your vehicle for whenever you need a power boost.

Bask in the Bright Glow of the LED Lighting on the Back

When your recreational activities have you out after dark, you never have to go without LED lighting when you have the AC50S on your side. The LED light bar spanning across the back of the unit brightly illuminates the area with the push of a button. You can make the light dimmer with another tap of the LED lighting button if you’d like a little less light in that moment. If you ever end up in trouble, push the LED lighting button three times to make it flash SOS in Morse code.

Tap into a Backup Power Supply Whenever Stable Voltage Eludes You

Made with solar charging capabilities, the BLUETTI AC50S comes in handy whenever you find yourself without stable voltage for your essential devices. An emergency power failure, off-grid camping trips, and other outings are always made better by having this portable generator on hand. With over 500 watt hour battery capacity on a single charge, you’ll have enough rated power to charge and run all your devices, including your mini fridge, laptop, and drone.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint by Using Solar Power

With its 120 watt max solar input, the AC50S generator lets you greatly minimize your carbon footprint without compromising on technology. Using the solar panels to recharge the power station allows you to power all your essential devices while remaining eco-friendly always. On top of that, the solar panels let you recharge using solar power while still enjoying your day in the sun, keeping the fun going well into the evening hours.

Closely Monitor Operations with a Glance at the LCD Display

The LCD screen at the front of the AC50S solar generator gives you all the info you need at a glance. At the lefthand side of the screen, you’ll see the total charge level of the battery inside the generator. Next to that, there’s an overview of the input, DC, and AC wattage. As you plug in the generator and all your devices, the readouts change to reflect the power station’s current operations. With that info, it’s possible to keep everything powered up as desired without wondering where you’re at in the process.

There’s no doubt about it: the BLUETTI AC50S solar generator has the potential to take all your adventures to the next level. So, whether you want to have BBQs in the backyard or head out to the beach for the weekend, this power station is the perfect device to keep by your side.

Take Advantages of All the Ways to Charge – and Recharge

At the heart of the BLUETTI AC50S build is an inverter with the power to charge up and run all your electronics. Made to consistently produce 300 watts of electricity – and a peak wattage of 450 – this generator can send power to 11 devices simultaneously. After providing 500 watt hours of energy, the generator easily recharges four ways, including using a 200 watt solar panel. So, with this power station in hand, you always have options, allowing you to enjoy all your adventures to the fullest.  

Run and Charge Up to 11 Devices at the Same Time

All around the LCD screen on front of the power station, you’ll find all the outlets you need, including:

  • 2 120V AC outlets

  • 1 45 watt USB-C port

  • 4 5V USB-A ports

  • 2 12V 3A DC outlets

For use with your car cigarette lighter, there’s also a single regulated 12V 10A max DC output. The regulated outlet provides stable voltage for your sensitive electronics.

If you want to conveniently charge your smartphone or other compatible power devices without a charging cord, simply use the 10 watt wireless charging pad on top. Upon simply placing your device on top of this wireless charger, the pad starts filling up your battery instantly.

Conveniently Recharge Your Generator Four Ways

As you tap into the power of your AC50S generator, the onboard battery icon display will move ever closer to 0% on the LCD screen. Once it reaches a low power rating, it’s time to charge back up – and you have multiple ways to get more battery life. You can even charge and discharge simultaneously to keep all your devices powered up at the same time.

If you want to keep things 100% environmentally friendly, a 120 watt solar panel is a stellar choice. You just have to plug the solar panel into the input port and let the sun provide more battery life. Even in less than ideal conditions, the solar panel can still manage to bring the battery to 100% in no time flat.

When you need to charge your power station without help from the sun, you have three other options to consider. Using the AC adapter and charging cable, simply plug the portable power station into a regular AC wall outlet. If that’s not an option, then you draw electricity from gasoline backup generators or use your car’s battery.

Additional Products Designed for Use with the BLUETTI AC50S

For fast charging wherever you go, it’s wise to equip your BLUETTI AC50S power station with a solar panel. The BLUETTI PV120 Solar Panel can serve you well, giving you all the solar power you need to recharge your generator on demand. In fact, the 120 watt output of the solar panel perfectly matches the wattage rating of the generator. Plus, the solar panels boast an impressive 23.4% efficiency rate, letting you harness the power of the sun with ease.

To use the compatible solar panel, just unfold it and put it right in a sunny location. Then, plug it into the portable solar power station using the PV charging cable. Once you do that, the generator will immediately start the solar panel charging process. After the portable power station reaches full charge, fold up the solar panels and store them away for later use.

Stay Fully Powered While Enjoying All Your Recreational Activities 

As you plan all your adventures, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you always have the power backup battery you need to enjoy your time off grid or handle power outages? If so, then you definitely need the BLUETTI AC50S 500wh 300w portable power station in your life. Your camping, hiking, and beachgoing trips will never be the same once you equip yourself with a truly efficient, lightweight portable generator. You’ll also be plenty ready for a power outage or other periods of unstable voltage while simply chilling at home.

To ensure you always have more and more power on hand, it’s time to invest in the BLUETTI AC50S power station – and we’re here to make it super simple. All you have to do is add the generator to your cart, and then move through all the checkout steps. After that, we’ll handle the rest and get your generator to your doorstep with the quickness. While we always provide free shipping across the US, our team works fast to get portable power into your hands in a hurry.

So, you’re really only just a few moments from getting a top-notch portable generator sailing your way. Once it arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the road with all the power you need for all your essential appliances, electronics, and other devices.

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