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Cummins Onan PS1000 Portable Power Station - A067W050

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The Cummins Onan PS1000 is the perfect choice for those who need electricity but don't want the hassle of a gas-powered generator. It has 1008-watt hour batteries and can provide 1,500 running watts and 3,000 peak watts. It is also very portable so taking bringing it along isn't a workout. Similarly, you can store it indoors, so you don't have to worry about having a safe place to keep it.

Power stations have gained a lot of traction in recent years by outdoor enthusiasts as well as those preparing for prolonged power outages. The built-in battery delivers electricity without the need for an engine. It also features six USB ports and six AC plugs that deliver a versatile power option.

  • Backup power solutions

  • Perfect for off-grid living

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Easily power smaller appliances

A Versatile Portable Power Station from Cummins

A professional power station such as the PS1000 is an excellent option for those who need portable power. But it isn't limited to being used on the go; you can also use it to charge and power your devices in the event of a power outage. It has four USB type-A outlets and 2 USB type-C outlets. There are also six 120V AC outlets and a 12V power port.

It is a versatile option capable of delivering power to essential devices such as phones or laptops. With 1,008 watt-hours, you could also run things like lighting and even a CPAP machine. So while you won't be able to run large appliances, you can power the essentials during an outage or even a camping trip.

The PS1000 can run lights for up to 142 hours or an LED TV for 18 hours. It also holds 109 phone charges or 40 laptop charges. A CPAP machine can also run on the PS1000 for approximately 59-79 hours. All this is possible without making any noise or creating dangerous fumes.

Portable power stations have become more practical because of advancements in battery technology. With newer and more affordable lithium-ion batteries, it is possible to power devices for an extended period of time. There is also a growing demand for alternative power sources as people become more reliant on electricity and power outages seemingly become more frequent.

Environmentally Friendly Battery Powered Charging

One of the biggest benefits of a power station over a generator is that they do not rely on an engine. There are several reasons why you may not want an engine. Some of the reasons include they are dirty, hard to store, loud, potentially dangerous, hard to start, heavy, and even bad for the environment. But the biggest reason to choose a power station over a conventional generator is that batteries are a more reliable energy source compared to gas engines.

If you live in an apartment or have a house without a shed, then you probably don't have a place to store a generator. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most people, but Onan power stations can keep you out of the dark. Unfortunately, conventional generators are also bad for people and the environment as they emit toxic fumes.

On the other hand, a power supply gets charged when you have power, and its batteries remain charged until you need to use it. Of course, this means the amount of power available is limited, but there is an optional solar panel that can recharge the power station during prolonged outages or when away for a few days.

PS1000 Professional Power Station Features

The PS1000 not only provides a lot of power, but it also has plenty of features too. The power station is an all-in-one device that is fully contained. Everything you need is packed into one small package. Best of all, it has a convenient carrying handle, making taking it anywhere a breeze.

Also included are the cables needed to charge the power station. There are multiple ways to stay charged, and the included connections mean you don't need to worry about purchasing any extras. However, you can get a solar panel add-on if you intend to use it primarily off the grid.

In addition to being an all-in-one unit, it is also quiet. So you don't need to worry about making noise or waking anyone up when using the PS1000. There are also built-in cooling fans that automatically turn on when they are required in order to keep the batteries cool.

Another great feature is the LED display which shows all of the power station's details. The display shows the battery percentage left as well as how much power you are currently consuming. It can also show the input wattage and hours remaining. Topping off the features is independent on/off switches for both the USB and AC connections.

Specifications of the PS1000 Power Station (A067W050)

The Cummins Onan PS1000 model A067W050 delivers 3,000 peak watts and 1,500 running watts. The batteries are capable of 1,008 watt-hours. The dimensions are 12.4" X 8" X 12.3", weighing in at 31lbs. The connections on the PS1000 include 6-120V outlets (ungrounded), 4-USB type-A ports, 2-USB type-C ports, and a 12V cigarette outlet.

There is also an included car charger and AC charger. These allow you to charge the batteries either at home or in a car. Plus, it includes the connections to hook up Onan solar panels, which are sold separately. It also doesn't require any regular maintenance beyond keeping it charged.

The PS1000 professional power station lives up to the Cummins Onan brand that everyone trusts. To ensure a trouble-free experience, the PS1000 is backed by a 1-year warranty which guarantees the product is free from any manufacturer defects. You can also get 24/7 technical support directly from Onan, who can help at any time of the day or night.