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Firman P08004 Portable Generator - Gas 8000 Watt

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If you’re in the market for a solid and reliable performance generator that can produce a large amount of power for all of your electronics, devices, or other hardware, then the Firman P08004 may be the perfect solution.

We’re going to explore the P08004 portable generator in detail, and talk about its power and efficiency, its specifications in great detail, and several ways you can use your generator on a daily basis. This generator model has everything you need to power your devices and ensure you have enough electricity for most situations. 

The Power & Efficiency of the Firman P08004 Performance Series

If you’re looking for a powerful, efficient generator that can meet all of your power and energy needs for many years to come, the Firman P08004 Performance Series Generator may be the perfect model for you. It provides 8000 running watts of power, can operate for up to 12 hours, has multiple power outlets of different types on its control panel, and is EPA certified, cETL certified, and NOM certified.

Finding a more reliable generator than the Firman P08004 Performance Series can be a tall order, especially if you’re looking for a gas generator that produces enough power for multiple appliances, electronics, and other equipment for many hours.

Consider getting this generator model today, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with your unit and keep it for the foreseeable future. Firman has been a trusted generator manufacturer for many years and strives to produce quality products that last. You can see all the Firman generators we sell here.

Firman P08004 Specifications

You’ve likely considered the use cases for your generator and how much power you’ll need to provide to all of your equipment, electronics, appliances, and other hardware. Read the specifications list below for the Firman P08004, and you should have a much better idea of whether or not this generator has all of the features you need.

Note that compared to other lower-power Firman models, the P08004 should generate enough power for a wide range of applications and use cases.


  • Running Watts: 8000 W 

  • Starting Watts: 10000 W 

  • AC Voltage: 120V/240V

  • Frequency: 60 Hz

  • Decibels: 74 dB at one-half load

  • Run Time: 12 hrs

  • THD at Full Load: 25%

  • Recoil Start Included

  • Electric Start Included

  • Unit Dimensions: 27.1” x 27.5” x 26.8”

  • 1x  5-20R 120V 20A Duplex Outlet

  • 1x  L5-30R 120V 30A Twistlock Outlet

  • 1x  L14-30R 120V/240V 30A Twistlock Outlet

  • 1x  14-50R 120V/240V 50A Outlet

  • Low Oil Shutoff

  • Power Stream Alternator

  • Cast Iron Sleeve

  • Fuel: Gas

  • Tank Size: 8 gallons

  • Material: Steel

  • Certifications: EPA, cETL, NOM

Use Cases for the Firman P08004 Generator

The Firman P08004 is a great generator to have on hand in case of an emergency situation, natural disaster, for outdoor and wilderness use, or for small business and commercial enterprises. No matter what situation you’re in or what use cases you had planned for your generator, perhaps these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and let you think about ways you can utilize your generator even further.

Everyone has different requirements and use cases for their generator, but the ones listed below are most commonly used by people who purchase this type of generator model. The P08004 Performance Series provides 8000 watts of running power and can give you the power you need for up to 12 hours on a full tank. This generator has everything you need to stay connected to electricity no matter where you are. 

Emergency Situations & Natural Disasters

When it comes to emergency situations, how many people do you know that actively prepare and come up with a plan? If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the ones who care about future events and would do everything they can to keep family safe in case of an emergency.

With the Firman P08004 generator model, you’ll be able to have all of the power you need to power your home, appliances, electronic devices, and more no matter how long the power is out. As long as you have gasoline, the 8-gallon gas tank on this generator will provide you with up to 12 hours of power, more than enough to get situated and power your most essential devices as required. 

Outdoor & Wilderness Use

Spending time out in the wilderness can be a great way to explore, fulfill your sense of adventure, and learn more about the environment and the wonderful world we live in. Sometimes, you can make do by doing an outdoor wilderness adventure completely off the grid without any power – at times, you may even prefer it.

However, there are also situations where you’d rather have power on the go and have the ability to connect multiple lights, electronics, or other devices on your wilderness adventure. This won’t apply to completely remote locations where a generator is hard to get to, of course, but having a generator like the Firman P08004 can improve your next outdoor experience.

Small Business & Commercial

Small businesses and commercial enterprises can use generators like the Firman P08004 to power a food truck, remote service vehicle, or other service centers that need power even when they aren’t near power outlets or power lines.

If you run a small business or know someone who does, why not have a generator like this Firman model on hand in case the situation requires it? Perhaps you take payments on a food truck, for example – what happens if your existing power connection goes out, or your batteries run out? Will you be able to accept payments uninterrupted?

Having a generator ensures your business will be able to keep running smoothly in any situation. 

Get Your Firman Power Equipment P08004 Today

Get your Firman Performance Series generator today if you want to experience everything this model has to offer. This generator has a manual transfer switch, is a portable generator cETL certified, a gas portable generator cETL certified, has easy engine oil checks, an automatic voltage regulator, voltage meter yes battery, and allows you to start gas portable generator models like this one with ease. If you need a remote start gas portable generator that can act as emergency backup power, this model is perfect. It comes with a tool kit, wheel kit, has electric start capability, an oil funnel, steel tube frame, and phoenix fat head block. It's easy to start, thus the wireless remote and other start indicators are simple to use. You can use resources account customer service to get help if you need it, or read the how to articles section for more information on use.

P08004 Unboxing Video