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Pulsar 3500 Watt Generator - PG3500MR

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If you’re big on productivity, you’d know how incessant power outages can stand in the way. Thankfully, with a trusty Pulsar 3500 watt generator (PG3500MR) as your companion, you no longer have to worry about the poor power supply. 

With a running power of 3,500 watts and dual 120V and 12v outlets, this generator can power at least one major device and several smaller devices. This makes it easy for you to carry out as many tasks as possible while it’s up and running.

The PG3500MR utilizes Pulsar’s famous 7 HP dura-life engine, reaching 3,500 peak watts with just 67% of capacity. That means you have about 12 hours of power supply from just four gallons of gasoline. Essentially, you get to enjoy a quieter operation, better fuel economy, and longer life.

Also, thanks to its compact size, mobility kit, and lightweight feature, this is one of the most portable generators you’ll find on the market. Therefore, you can always take it anywhere you need portable power. 

In addition, the generator features a fold-down handle with which you can move the tool around as needed. Also, with no flat wheels attached to this device, you shouldn’t have any issues with mobility and support.

This Pulsar 3,500w portable generator has a full CARB certification. 

Key PG3500MR Pulsar 3500 Watt Generator Features:

  • 12 Hours of Runtime: The Pulsar PG3500MR provides 12 hours of continuous use at half load.
  • 208cc Engine: This generator is ready to go as soon as you start the engine. Also, with the Pulsar’s 7 HP dura-life engine, you can power one major appliance and other smaller ones without issues.
  • Recoil Start: The generator uses a recoil start, where a rope uncoils around the crankshaft and spins it to start the engine.
  • CARB Certified: This 3500 watt generator is certified to produce lower toxins.
  • Modern Look: Functionality aside, this Pulsar generator boasts a modern look that’ll add to the elegance of any environment it’s placed in.

  • Specifications:

  • Product Length - 23.6 inches
  • Product Width - 17.5 inches
  • Starting Wattage - 3500W
  • Running Wattage - 2500W
  • Engine - Single Cylinder, 208cc 7HP
  • Oil Type - 10W30
  • Oil Capacity - 20.2 oz
  • Fuel Type - Gasoline
  • Operational Volume - 69dB
  • Half Load Run Time - 12 hours
  • The generator also features a fuel gauge, an automatic voltage regulator, and a spark plug.

    Outstanding Power Panel

    As the Pulsar PG3500MR 3500 watt portable generator is all about productivity, it features dual 12V and 120V outlets to allow you to plug in appliances that you need to get your work moving. Once you start the engine with its recoil start, it immediately produces power, and you can get to work in no time.

    Built for Power

    With a running power of 3,500 watts, the PG3500MR is designed to power major appliances in your house without issues, both large and small. This makes it the ideal generator for both homeowners and business people. 

    Excellent Runtime

    This Pulsar generator boasts efficient fuel usage, which helps the device last about 12 hours at 50% load. That means you don’t have to worry about sudden power loss and can focus on your tasks instead. 

    The generator also has a low oil shutdown functionality, allowing the engine to go off when the oil levels are low. This stops the engine from using contaminated oil, which can destroy the device.

    You can shop our full range of Pulsar generators here.

    Usage Safety

    This is one of the safest generators you can find, and its CARB certification can attest to that. CARB is the California Air Resources Board, which helps to reduce or eliminate toxic emissions.