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Firman H03652 - 3650 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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No matter what the situation calls for, the Firman H03652 is there to deliver, pushing a remarkable 3,650 watts of running power to cater to all your needs and circumstances. From small and large appliances to heavy-duty power tools, this dual-fuel portable generator does impressive footwork in order to handle multiple jobs with consistency and reliability.

Thanks to Firman’s Dual Fuel technology, the H03652 runs using both liquid propane gas and gasoline. This creates a unit that provides relentless power with no concern about fuel availability, and instead runs on whichever fuel you have at hand. Additionally, it brings game-changing benefits to the table such as quick start-ups and a 50% decrease in toxic emissions. Using the front fuel input switch, you can safely choose which source to pull from and begin producing power.

Firmly in a league of its own, Firman’s fuel efficiency allows this powerhouse to run for up to 14 continuous hours at 50% load on a full 5-gallon fuel tank. That way, you can zero in on what’s most important to you without worrying about the fuel gauge.

The 4,550-watt starting watt portable generator was built with your comfort in mind, which is why it features a U-shaped foldable handle that allows you to effortlessly move the 112 lbs unit. In conjunction with the ergonomic build, a plastic set of wheels supports the unit and will never run flat.

Key Firman H03652 Features:

  • 208cc Engine: Make an impact using Firman’s robust engine. With 3,650 watts of running power, this unit can rejuvenate household appliances, lights, as well as high-amperage power tools.
  • Dual Fuel Technology: The Firman H03652 ensures it’s adapting to your living conditions and not the other way around since it runs using both gasoline and liquid propane gas.
  • 14+ Hours of Runtime: Built with remarkable fuel efficiency, this dual-fuel portable generator allows you to focus on the “What” instead of the “How” with up to 14 hours of runtime at half load.
  • Authentic Build: Designed with care and style, the H03652 effortlessly fits into your workspace or home with its sleek build and unique Firman aesthetic.
  • EPA and CARB-Approved: By complying with strict environmental guidelines, this portable generator is safe to use according to USA regulations.

  • Specifications:


    • Peak Watts: 4,550
    • Running Watts: 3,650
    • Peak Amps @120V: 37.9
    • Running Amps @120V: 30.4


    • Peak Watts: 4,100
    • Running Watts: 3,300
    • Peak Amps @120V: 34.2
    • Running Amps @120V: 27.5


    • Amperage: 30.4A (Gasoline), 27.5A (Propane)
    • Voltage: AC: 120, 60 Hz
    • Frequency: 60Hz
    • Engine Size: 208cc
    • Engine Type: OHV 4-stroke
    • Engine Speed: 3600RPM
    • Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (gasoline/propane)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons


    • 1 x 5-20R 120V 20A DUPLEX
    • 1 x L5-30R 120V 30A TWIST LOCK
    • 1 x TT-30R 120V 30A RV


    • Runtime at 50% Load: Gasoline: 14 Hours, Propane: 11 Hours
    • Start Type: Recoil
    • Volume Level: 67dB
    • EPA Certified: Yes
    • CARB Certified: Yes
    • Product Dimensions: 25.7"L x 21.8" W x 21.6" H
    • Product Weight: 128 Lbs

    Geared for Performance

    The H03652 provides up to 3,650 watts of running power, ensuring that you get the job done regardless of your needs or circumstances. This dual-fuel portable generator delivers when it counts, from powering high-amperage power tools to small and large appliances.

    The Power Stream Alternator that comes built into the unit is an automatic voltage regulator that protects the unit from harmful sudden electrical surges.

    Dual Fuel Technology

    With brilliant integration of versatility and performance, the Firman H03652 runs on two different fuel sources: gasoline and liquid propane gas. Whichever one you choose, the dual-fuel portable generator will have no trouble meeting your needs.

    Since propane is a green fuel, unlike gasoline, which is fossil-based, it generates 50% fewer toxic emissions than gasoline, making it a healthier and more affordable choice, in addition to yielding many game-changing benefits.

    We also sell a wide dual fuel generation range from leading brands.

    Firman Fuel Efficiency

    Keeping you going for as long as possible, the H03652 runs for up to 14 hours at half load, making it a phenomenal backup solution when you’re off the grid or simply going through a power outage.

    The engine automatically shuts off when oil levels are too low to avoid using contaminated oil before it damages the unit. A low oil indicator is also included, and it lights up when the fuel tank needs to be refilled.

    You can see our full Firman generator collection here.

    Certified for Safe Use

    Preventing the effects of harmful toxins, this dual-fuel portable generator complies with eco-conscious guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board.

    By following these strict regulations, the Firman H03652’s toxic emissions are far below industry standards, making it a safe and healthy option for professionals and small homeowners alike.

    Fully Loaded Power Panel

    For maximum compatibility, the 4,550-watt portable generator houses 3 covered outlets to accommodate different uses and situations. For instance, the H03652 is RV-ready, meaning it features a TT-30R outlet that allows you to power your RV with no need for a separate adaptor.

    Additionally, a 3-in-1 data minder helps you keep track of volts, hertz, and hours of runtime.

    Benefits of Using Propane

    Despite the fact that using propane as a fuel source has a negligible effect on performance—only 5%—there are numerous advantages that can be gained. The use of propane is revolutionary in terms of convenience, health, and cost:

    • Fast Start-ups: In contrast to its fossil-based counterpart, propane does not require heating even in cold climates, allowing for rapid and reliable starts.
    • Cheaper: Gasoline requires power to be pumped from the gas station to another container, whereas propane can be found and purchased at a lower price during power outages.
    • No Leaking: To safely fuel the unit and avoid the hassle of cleaning up gasoline spills on the floor, use the propane hose included in the box.
    • Simple to Maintain: Propane is a great option because it is a green fuel that doesn't leave any residue on the fuel lines or engine parts.
    • 50% Fewer Toxins: Reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by the unit by half and avoid health risks like dizziness.
    • Increased Shelf Life: Propane, in contrast to gasoline, which requires expensive stabilizers to keep it from spoiling, can last for up to 30 years without any kind of maintenance.

    Firman 3650 Series Video